The Society On Da Run 11/11/11 Print Book out now!

FINALLY! It has come! Last night at 12:19 am I “published” The Society On Da Run to Lulu, and to upload 3 out of 11 stories to Smashwords in celebration of TSODR. Reading over the book, it reads more like a guidebook to Space Dragons than it does a poetry book, but hey I’m proud of it! However, it was a rush job and so I could only get 159 pages out of the 300 pages out (really, it’s over 600 pages if the paper is 6.9 X 9.8).
There is sexual references between Ashuton and Narcissus, but it’s mild. Later today the hardcover edition will be released and it might contain bonus content. I’m not sure. This book was a rush job because of how close the dates are and my indecisiveness on whether or not to include EVERYTHING in the book. This is a crowning achievement, and it’s release date alone says how awesome it is. Now, once you order the book, unbox it and read it, I will be hosting a Comments Contest. The goal of the contest is that you make up your own storyline to add to the Expanded Edition of TSODR that will be coming out 12.12.12 of next year. The prize is this: your storyline will be included in TSODR and you will be given full credit. Do not post your full name and email in the Comments box (except in the required fields), wait until you are personally e-mailed on whether you won or not. I don’t know how many winners there will be, and don’t expect any money from this contest (however you will get noticed and maybe Googled). The next post announcing it’s hardcover edition will initiate the contest.
I am glad to have found out about this 11/11/11 day AT THE LAST MINUTE, and am glad I have Lulu and Smashwords in use.


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