My Thoughts on Skyrim and it’s Age of Dragons

First Thought: Oooo, nice opening!
Second Thought: Get on with it, where’s the Dragon?
Third thought: Nice, I’m going to die today!
Fourth Thought: HOLY SH*T A DRAGON! YESSSS!!!!

Redbox has graciously blessed me with Skyrim and first thing I did was take my mom’s TV to play it. I heard the game had no cinematics and I wondered how the opening would be. It was perfect and straight to the point. No overlong introduction! It opened up with the movie title: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. So now there’s 5 mins of listening to prisoners talk about dying and going home. It was like a movie. The character creation screen was very, very nice. But the best part of the level (if that’s what you call it) was Alduin’s appearance (heck, I wouldn’t know it was him if it weren’t for the subtitles). That had to be the most adorable Dragon I had ever seen! I spent 20 mins watching that Dragon destroy everything (and glitch up). Getting close to him a few times was nice until he started setting me on fire, whacking me with his foot, and shaking me like a rag doll.

That has to be the first time I’ve ever seen something like that in a game.

Moving on, I found Skyrim to be much more enjoyable than Fallout 3 simply because you get to wield a sword and other weapons that don’t have range (longbows don’t count). Skyrim was my first game in which you wield a sword, not a plasma rifle or assault rifle. What made me angry was the fact that Modern Warfare 3 was sold out and Skyrim was not. Skyrim deserves being noticed and it has certainly done Dragons right! But I guess it’s best for Skyrim to be the underdog, because it will be more unique (like Resistance).

Awww, it's such a cute emblem! I luv Dragonsss!

The next day I got back on and replayed the first level from a previous save just to see Alduin again. I heard the dev team made the dragons talk, which I was ecstatic to see! Reading the subtitles, I noticed Alduin did talk, but he did not MOVE THAT MOUTH OF HIS. It was telepathy! Telepathy! WTF? If I wanted talking Dragons that talked through telepathy, I would have opted for reading Temeraire or Dragonriders of Pern (no offense, Naomi and Ann. I like the fact that Temeraire actually “speaks” without telepathy.)!

So that was a disappointment. But still it was somewhat cute (I am VERY OCD about Dragons).

After playing through it some more I realized it was nice to play a game that took place in medieval times, had swords and Dragons, and elves and magic, rather than playing on a distant planet and shooting your way through Aliens (I’m looking at YOU, Halo! I want my $30 back!). I realized Skyrim was my kind of game, so now I’m on a hunt for other fantasy games like Skyrim (you know, swords and sorcery).

Moving on! After getting into the main quest, I had a damn hard time finding that damn dragonstone. First I didn’t know where the cave entrance was, so I constantly walked around that giant mountain. After checking the diary, I found it. They could’ve put a marker on the screen :/ I wasted 20-25 minutes scaling a giant mountain to find a cave I had already passed by.

After going through creepy hallways and reaching the goal, the game jumped into high gear when *SPOILER ALERT* I found Alduin’s rock with the scribbles on it. *SPOILER OVER* I liked how they didn’t use a cutscene for this part, and acquiring a dragon word actually made me feel powerful. Too bad you can’t get those in real life.

Then I fought my very first Dragon!! Although I’m against anything that has killing Dragons in it, I’d have to say this game made me want to kill as many dragons as I could. Getting burned to shreds by the dragon was fun! I spent most of the battle gazing at the creature and thinking (where are his arms? Is he a Wyvern?). I just wish I could get atop that dragon and take him for a ride! (interpret that however you want). I’m surprised they didn’t use a cutscene to show you getting the Dragon’s soul, but that’s a good thing! Cutscenes are so overrated nowadays.

Using the power of Dragon Shouts felt morelike using the Force…but with SCREAMING!!

As soon as I was about to go and get training for the newfound power, my little friend came in and took the game. When I got it back I had to take it back to Redbox! Damn it! So that’s pretty much it. Now I want to get $150 to get the collector’s edition so I can **blow** the dragon statue of the adwowable dragon Alduin ^_^ .

One thing that surprised me about the game was Alduin’s size. Since he was a dragon god (is he?), I thought he would be bigger…you know…massive. Maybe I’m just too caught up in the dragons from TSODR 😛 .


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  2. addicted to skyrim · · Reply

    on alduins size, hes not a god, he is just like other dragons, he just abused his powers and became more powerful, and came from a line of royalty. So yes hes the same size.

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  4. Galbatorix · · Reply

    Yeah man i agree too, Alduin is just too small! Even if he did abuse his powers I expected him to be a big Buffed up Dragon because after all, he is the Nordic God of Destruction, I wanted Alduin to be as big as Deathwing!

  5. The dragons mouth do move when they talk. It’s more realistic the way they made it.. the lips are moving instead of a big gaping mouth

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