The Society On Da Run Expanded Storyline Contest

I know I said this contest would be started when the hardcover edition of TSODR is out. Well, there is no hardcover edition for now. So you are now free to participate in the contest.


The goal of the contest is that you make up your own storyline to add to the Expanded Edition of TSODR that will be coming out 12.12.12 of next year. The prize is this: your storyline will be included in TSODR and you will be given full credit. Do not post your full name and email in the Comments box (except in the required fields), wait until you are personally e-mailed on whether you won or not. I don’t know how many winners there will be, and don’t expect any money from this contest (however you will get noticed and maybe Googled). Another prize I am thinking of adding is that you could be an author on this blog. (that is not a prize yet, I am still thinking about it)

You are free to add a short story or poem to your storyline instead, but it must be good grammar and punctuation (or at least good grammar). There is no word count limit, but I don’t like to read anything long, so keep it short please 🙂


1) You have to read the WHOLE book in order to participate

2) The material must be ORIGINAL

The contest ends December 9th. Remember: Don’t expect money out of this.

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