An Author’s Distress: Thedragongod’s Society On Da Run Print book: BUY IT~!

Ever since putting up the book, nobody has bought it. Not even the contest is making people buy it. Sure, they can spend $20 on a book by George R. R. Martin, but won’t try to buy a $16 book by an indie author that is very promising. Something is wrong here. And when I put up my ebook for $1, nobody bought it, but when someone else had their ebook for $1 that had the same amount of words as mine, it got tons of reviews. Something is wrooonngg!! Is it me? Is it because I said I was an African American poetess? Is everyone shying away from this dragon book because it was written by a black girl although the person loves dragons with a passion? And the facebook page has 28 fans and NOBODY has bought the damn book. Hmmmmmm…..I’m so frustrated with promoting it I really want to give up!


Whatever the reason, please Like and buy this book.

Now, a printing error and date mixup at Lulu has caused me to re-release the book, and hopefully people will buy it:Click here to buy it, don’t forget to click the Like button on the right

I hope you buy it
Ad Astra


  1. garrymoore · · Reply

    hi to all princesslilo.wordpress.comers this is my first post and thought i would say hi –
    thanks speak soon

  2. cake
    This is pointless, why am I even reading it and not enjoying carrot cake? I should learn to spend my time better.

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