Anne McCaffrey: Losing one of the Best Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Hi, Princesslilo here to tell you (as you already know) that Anne McCaffrey has died at age 85. She is most notable for her Dragonriders of Pern series which I admit I did not read because I don’t like novels, but now I regret it.

I did *read* a little bit of Pern, but the *reading* was just skimming through, reading a few passages. I did get 30 pages into The Skies of Pern, and skipped to the more saucy bits of the novel, and I did get 40 pages into Dragonheart but gave up. I DID get 50 pages into Dragon’s Fire before it had to go back, and other Pern books I merley skimmed and read passages, and now I want to go back and read them all in dedication to Anne. Although I skimmed the Pern books, they did leave an imprint on me that no novel (besides Ravens by George Dawes Green) ever has in all my days of skimming novels.

Anne McCaffrey died few days before Maggie Daley (the wife of ex-Mayor Daley), and, reading from the Spectra site, Anne died shortly after a stroke. I recently wanted Anne to review my dragon books (if that were possible) and I wanted to see if she would be handling the Pern movie project, but now hearing of her passing, the aforementioned things no longer matter. I am going to mourn for her and try to read Pern again, maybe on an e-reader device.

She has contributed much to the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre, and her life achievements include being the first woman to win a Hugo and a Nebula award. Her son, Todd McCaffrey, has taken over the Pern series for her and they have collaborated on the books Dragon’s Fire, Dragon’s Kin, Dragon’s Time and the recent un-released Pern book, Sky Dragons. Although reviews report Todd’s Pern books are somewhat failing, there is still hope that Pern will continue on just as strong. Anne’s other books include the Crystal Saga series, The Ship That Sang, and TONS of other books.

Rest in Peace, Anne McCaffrey, you can now fly with your Dragons and write more Pern books for the inhabitants of Heaven.

Anne McCaffrey: 1 April 1926 – 21 November 2011

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