Wikipedia will DELETE this entry for The Society On Da Run…help save it!

I made a Wikipedia entry for The Society On Da Run and I thought it wouldn’t be deleted, but as it turns out (like always on Wikipedia), it’s being debated for Speedy Deletion. I hate those debates. I’ve had my fair share of them. You can stop Wikipedia from deleting the article by getting well-know reviewers to review the TSODR books. You see, the article has to fall under one or more of these guidelines:

1) A book is generally notable if it verifiably meets through reliable sources, one or more of the following criteria:
The book has been the subject[1] of multiple, non-trivial[2] published works whose sources are independent of the book itself.[3] This includes published works in all forms, such as newspaper articles, other books, television documentaries and reviews. Some of these works should contain sufficient critical commentary to allow the article to grow past a simple plot summary. This excludes media re-prints of press releases, flap copy, or other publications where the author, its publisher, agent, or other self-interested parties advertise or speak about the book.[4]

2) The book has won a major literary award.

3) The book has been considered by reliable sources to have made a
significant contribution to a notable motion picture, or other art form, or event or political or religious movement.

4) The book is the subject of instruction at multiple elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges/universities or post-graduate programs in any particular country.

5) The book’s author is so historically significant that any of his or her written works may be considered notable. This does not simply mean that the book’s author is him/herself notable by Wikipedia’s standards; rather, the book’s author is of exceptional significance and the author’s life and body of work would be a common study subject in literature classes.


So all you have to do to save my book is to get a famous reviewer to review it, or include it in a documentary or get a newspaper to write about it or do any of the things listed above. I’ve promoted these books to the best of my abilities, using EVERYTHING, including NaNoWriMo to promote it and nothing has worked. If this fails I am giving up promoting TSODR. I’m too tired of promoting it and hearing only tumbleweeds and ghost calls. You can also voice your opinion to keep the article alive. The links are below.

Article: The Society On Da Run Wikipedia Article

Speedy Deletion Debate: Click here to enter the debate

Godspeed and ad Astra.
Draconizica might be no more in a few days….

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