Dragon Concert 01: EarthNations (Wishing-You-Were-Here’s Binary Song)



Translations are under the dragon lyrics. Verses with a singer’s part in parenthesis means the singer sings with the other singer when the other singer reaches certain words. The singers NOT in bold are backup singers with distorted voices. For those whom don’t know, WiSHiinGyuw3rEheRE is a dragon-made supercomputer made for GWEN Co.

From his character bio: this male AI was the brain and hands for Gwen Co. Although Xavier Joby was the CEO, WiSH did all the work and gave all the advice. He went Garigo when Xavier failed to acknowledge WiSH’s hard work to the company administrators (the Dragons).

Note: Narcissus and Julia sing this song when awakening WiSH at the end of the Dragon Apocalypse. To understand the numbers, read “A Guide to Dragon Numbers Language.”

Instruments: orchesta, bells, gong, tribal drums, epic drums, mandolins and/or guitars, bells and keychains or any form of “bells rattling,” piano


Narcissus: \vix if irai am Oul (utress) (\I will become an owl 01)

Julia:         vix if irai u Drazor-ailen           (I will become a dragon alien)

Narcissus and Julia: En zer lir, drazor’ if Hynnodot kru huu jue parnete

And for this, dragons will sing all over our world


(Valbaara, start. Open yourself, I am sure, I am sure. Access mainframe, I am sure. Open binary. Location is the portable disk. I am sure. Open file, heed this command, open binary. Location is on the portable disk. No password, I am enough. Start program installation.)




Narcissus: From above us, the clouds will change from blue to grey

And the metropolis will be shrouded in an endless rain

When they start to listen, things will change

But before that we will have to show them ourselves

That change will be done by our hands

There will be casualties, but in the end they’ll see it’s worth

Draconizica if voicras contruty

Narcissus and Julia: Draconizica will sing in continuity,

Lar humanni armend zer lirato

Of humanity’s end and liberation

Drazenizica haf Hynnodes it contruty

Draconizica has sung in continutity,

U ry h’yon bir enerr has

A rite done by their hands

Julia: Looking up and down inside the dark shell

Dragon Ghosts: irmyia granda

U f’yeta armend ter kru dismaryor

Narcissus Dragon Ghost: A brutal end to all their discrepensies…

Julia: the nations of the world…

if’nef, il Nazionale if eyest tu-ed-me

Julia Dragon Ghost: again, the nations will see eachother

Lar vosy enerr tuly, tuly to, zer tra obin fig

For who they truly, truly are, and to never fight

Yup it il hor tra dee parnete fig-yor

But it is hard to rid the world of fighting

Clef thir to mirr’en suen quaas lir if zer ofte

When there are minds that have free will and opinion


Dragon ghosts: yupora iry ishra heya henra fir fidell

Narcissus:       (Go away again)               (again away)

Julia: Hear the screams coming from the shell, look at your dirty hands

And the trouble you’ve wrought

Julia:           (your city lay in ashes, you see?)

Narcissus: a new day begins with a city still in ashes

Julia:           (you discarded all that you loved and that you took a lifetime to make)

Narcissus: so we shall repair your world after you’ve messed it up. It took a lifetime to make.

Narcissus and Julia: Yourself and dragons, but now dragons will take Earth back

Heed this as a warning for the day when we come


Naricssus: ir Avella, zir Avella, mi Avella, yuri-ni imawari (look at Avella, of Avella, to Avella, your world again)

Julia: we only want to see goodwill but

Naricsus: niche Avella, scorn Avella, xis myen forlo myee (Avella’s niche, Avella’s scorn, clasp of depression in hand)

Julia: you make that impossible to achieve

Narcissus: ir Avella, gir Avella, synthes hiva moren Dracon ka-i Draconizica (look at Avella, lasting of Avella, synthesis hivemind of Dragons united by Draconizica)

Julia: we see eachother not of unity, but as enemies, which is sad


Narcissus and Julia: ESYAA!


Julia: from the depths of my womb, a life is born into this mad world

And this life shall speak of only good for both Dragons and man only

Narcissus: ah, it has come, when you no longer call eachother enemies

And you are unified by the hand of Dragons

Narcissus: Here it comes again,  the happiness

Julia:           Here it comes again, the sadness

Narcissus: Both sides are reborn from my womb

Julia:           Both sides are reborn from my heart

Narcissus: Aha, the world is changing for the better of times

Julia:           you see, the world is changing for the better of times

Narcissus: No way            Get out!             I thought                               So it’s true

Julia:                     (yes way)            (uh huh)              (you thought worng) So it’s true

Narcissus:         (they see)              (the errors) of their ways

Julia:          it did              the errors                  of their ways

Naricssus:            (omg)                      (did you hear)                 The social world in a flutter

Julia:          change         did you know?                 Did you see? The social world in a flutter

Narcissus: yes!              It has          yes it has, they have learned

Julia:                (hell no!)        (it did?) yes it has, they have learned




Narcissus: makeshift skyscrapers are pushed aside and dirt roads take over the world

Narcissus: The trees of life return to the world

Julia:          Grass and clean air return to the life

Dragon Gods: thrisar tû fortûet en swannn, thrisar tû fortûet en Yuu, thrisar tû fortûet en… schienz

Rodderan: And the Gods will say there will be a unity of Dragons

Dragon Gods: thrisar suen w’ellen tra dir, thrisar jue’ll se thris’staff es keruv en mir lòusmêna kowed

Canman: Following again, is the purity of ice

Scoupli:  Flowing again, are the myriads of water

Dragon Gods: zirr t’yi wel thrisar jue shêntros iry en x’irtris, lar swannn’e yun’fir ip knaxs

Lementia: Embrace the life you live with the wonders of life

Dragon gods: vix toen c’yent bir-u enpiry suen ir mi’staff. Ip en Drazor isst wery en Parnete

Julia:                              love the world, like you do your child

Narcissus: kiss the grass                       like you do your child and you family

Dragon gods: vix yun c’yen myu trast keruves kaara tra freede parenn

Narcissus: Aha, the cruelty has stopped, so let’s chase our blessings

Vessel:      Ah,  the cruelty has ended, so let’s chase our blessings

Julia: Come on, the cruelty has ended, so let’s chase our blessings

Narcissus and Julia: Wishing you were here again!

Julia: 13751b12751a

(Ending this program, I am sure. Okay. Ending this program, I am sure. Now.)

Narcissus: 78921xy1

(wrapping up this program, I am sure. Concluding this binary, I am sure)

Julia: bless those whom ended the pain and bless the dragons whom have stopped the pain of the world

Narcissus: you will never understand the essence of these words unless they are sung

Narcissus and Julia: eternally, always singing for peace

Image is E VS N by Sandara

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