The Society On Da Run Space Dragon Concert v.1

No, this is not a real concert
Yes, you can make the music yourself
Let’s start at square 1

To raise attention to TSODR and it’s lore and space dragons, I will be posting ten songs, lyrics only.

Here is the list of songs:

01: Nations of the Dragon World and Earth (Wishing-you-were-here’s Binary Song)

03: HEMorHaGE Lif3way (Thomas’s Shrine Song)
04: 482 Rebellious Mind
05: Alone Lore (Dragon Prayer)
06: Lasting Truth
07: Four Dragonlings and the Goddess
08: The Voice of the Little Female Dragon
09: Canman, Rodderan and Lementia’s Song of Creation
10: IN.saNe
11: The Voice of the Little Boy Dragon
12: Nation Song
13: Falsasis En Mayris
14: Song of the Beginning Dragons
15: Come do the Yadore
16: Ranmanthing
17: Beyond this World lives the Alien of Yu’ukue
18: Leer (closing song)
Bonus song: Rigmatism

All these songs are about the lore of the Society On Da Run universe and will soon be collected into an ebook. If people actually put songs to these lyrics, I’ll put out another concert!

Happy Singing! (and don’t be ashamed to sing like a Dragon, because some of these songs will be in all eight of the Dragon languages)


Image is E VS N by Sandara

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