Why I like the New Winx Club (A Comparison and a Review)

At first I hated the new Winx Club. I’m a veteran Winx-fan, I’ve seen all the episodes in the series (except the Darkness Bloom saga), watched all the movies on YouTube, brought one of the toys, and I know all about the series’ lore. When I heard they were bringing it back I said, “I thought it wasn’t cancelled.”

After doing a bit of Googling I heard of the series special and that they were bingin in people from iCarly. iCARLY! I hate that damn show with a burning passion of a meteorite. Then I heard Keke Palmer would be joining the cast. Nickelodeon was too lazy to rehire the old voice actors, so they ruin my childhood dream with new ones from shows I detest.

So the series special crammed the first season into four specials, excluded my favorite two songs “We Are the Winx” and “It Feels Like Magic,” and the whole thing was horrible. I was saddened. I went to the Twitosphere and saw that almost everyone on Twitter had never heard of Winx Club, which was a shame. They didn’t know the magic that the old voice actresses had bought to the series.

Weeks later, after falling off the Winx-wagon, my little cousin asked me, “Have you been recording the Winx Club?”

I said, “Oops, I forgot about it.”

So you know what I did? I DVDR’ed it after seeing the PV for the next episode.

I watched it and was glad to know they didn’t have those horrible voice actors from the series special. I admit I like these new voice actresses, but they are temporary for the REAL voice actresses that will be coming in when Season 6 starts. I enjoyed watching these episodes, which had the original animation and not that crappy Macromedia Flash animation from the series special.

What I like about this new rendition of my childhood classic is this:

1) Bloom’s new voice. Although I much prefer the original, this new voice sparks the hidden magic of the original series

2) It’s reaching a wider audience, which is wider than what it once was when it was airing on 4Kids TV so many years ago

3) the animation is the original one, which is a plus

4) I like Stormy’s voice in this dub, a tad bit more than the original. Her’s doesn’t sound so generic.

What I hate does outweight what I like:

1) They took out the original theme song and replaced it with “Winx will show you how.” That’s not something I can sing to like I used to do with the original ones. I don’t want a bunch of fairies showing me how to do something, I just want them to power up and save the world like they did in my childhood days. The new theme song intro looks just like the one for the Italian Winx (where it originated). Good lord, if those poor girls in Italy get those type of intros….oh good lord….it’s so flashy and girly….the original was more heroic and femaleish!

2) their Enchantix henshin transformations are much more annoying than their original ones.

3) I still hate some of the voices. I hate that they dumbed down Techna and removed her pretty British voice. The Brits really can do it better……

4) they didn’t TRY to hire an Italian voice actress for Stella and they didn’t try to hire an Asian voice actress for Musa. In the original series, the girls’ really felt like they came from different countries because their voices were so diverse. I also don’t like the voices for the Trix (except Stormy). In the original, Icy sounded like a grown-up badass, but in this new one she sounds like a whiny teenager that got stabbed in the throat at the mall.

5) Since when was Spark called Domino? This new dub is trying too hard to be the Italian dub

6) Since when was Dragon’s Fire called Dragon’s Flame? that takes the majesticness out of it.

Well hey, it’s the people’s fault that the original one was cancelled because they didn’t like it, and now this newer one is worse than the original, but I love it anyways. I expect it to go on and hopefully in the future, Nick will rehire the old voice actresses. I’m just glad that I get to relive my childhood memories, because Winx was the best of them all…..except W.I.T.C.H.

Now Disney needs to work on a remake of W.I.T.C.H., another show that I deeply adored. It was like Winx, but a darker version. It too got cancelled due to a lack of audience (or it ended on it’s own).


After watching the old one and comparing it to the new one, I like the new voice actresses a little bit more. Feragonda’s newer voice sounds more serious, which is fitting for her role. I am also liking Bloom’s new voice. Knowing that 4Kids cut out a lot of stuff from Winx Club, it makes me interested in the original Italian version to see what they excluded.

Update 2019: Please excuse how immature I sound in this post. I was truly …odd…and cringeworthy at the time I wrote this.


  1. I can’t get used to someone referring to 4Kids rendition as “the original.” Personally, I used to love 4Kids version, and then I found another dub done by Cinelume and I realized they took a heck of a lot out! But to each his own, because I completely understand why people would like the 4Kids version.
    I’m not sure what you’re hearing in regards to the voices, because the voice actors for the specials and the regular episodes are exactly the same.
    I’m glad you’re not like most people who watch it and go “This isn’t EXACTLY like the 4Kids version, so I’m just not gonna watch it at all!” Haha, I watch any dub simply because it’s THE WINX CLUB! It’s my favorite show, and I wouldn’t just trade it simply because I don’t like the voices or whatever else. In fact, I actually did watch the 4Kids dub in it’s last year or so on the air, simply because it was all I was gonna get.
    All-in-all, I think this version is the best so far!

    1. Thank you for your comment!! I rarely get those 🙂
      I always thought the 4Kids version was rushed, but I didn’t know they took a lot of things out. I like seeing shows in their originality, so I’ll YouTube the Cinelume dub and see what 4Kids kept out. I’m glad Winx has a new home on Nick, that means they can reach a broader audience. As for the voice actresses, I thought they changed them for the season 3-4 dub. They souned different.

  2. Kae Lily · · Reply

    I have to be honest. The 4kids version is, and likely always will be, my favorite dub. Yes, I love all the others, but 4kids was the first one I saw and the one I’m most attached to. I love it, despite all of its flaws and I do miss their voice actors (Kerry Williams [Flora] was myt most favorite).

  3. why did they change laylas name to aisha??? everyone else got to keep there names!

    1. Aisha is her name in the original Italian dub, so that means Nick is trying to stay true to the Italian (original) Winx.

  4. Hey there, I like Molly Quin’s voice(I just hate it when she says “I’m a Fairy!”). Musa sounded too squeaky, again, she needs an Asian to voice her. I also loathe the theme song, I get mixed up with Season 4 and this version and the Italian one! I’m disappointed that they didn’t dump Fairy Dust, it’s a waste of time! 4Kids Stormy sounded so much like an adult, not the normal villain. I doubt Nickelodeon will attract many audience except for us old Winx fans. I’m angry at Nick for also skipping Stella and Brandon’s kidnapping and marrying part in the Shadow Phoenix, I would have like to see how they made it. I think I will only watch the Nick versions when Season 5 comes out.

    1. Musa’s voice actress is Asian. Romi Dames. She’s Japanese-American. 🙂

  5. I have a really hard time watching the new version. The voices are all wrong, i never know who is talking. Saturday mornings used to be the highlight of my week because of Winx… but now… I don’t know. Of corse I wanted the story to continue, but like with a movie seres, you wouldn’t change the cast after the third movie! It just is not the same with out the much missed cast. I to really hope they bring them back!!!!!

  6. pixiepearl · · Reply

    Yeah, I also miss Techna’s old voice. She’s sounded like a true badass :).

  7. JapanRocks · · Reply

    I can hardly watch the new Winx. I’ll just watch season 5&6 when it comes out but as for the older seasons i’ll watch the 4kids ver. since that’s what i feel in love with. To be honest i mostly dislike the voices and the songs. I can’t stand the transformations anymore, even though i used to love the 4kids ones. There was just more anticipation. I miss the intro song too. All the girls voices sound the same now and icy’s and Nabu’s voice made me cringe in the specials. :shiver:

  8. Love winx the only thing that is boring and takes along time is when they change.

  9. that involves humour. The British writer wrote Harry
    Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Edinburgh coffee shops, sometimes on napkins rather than paper, but is now worth close to a billion dollars, according to Forbes. I guess no one is eternally young.

  10. HelenaStella:) · · Reply

    This program is fantastic! Stella is my favourite fairy , and it’s my ! Stella i love you ! SH

  11. I was watching the new seasons of this show on YouTube, and I was confused if it was fan dub, because I thought the voice acting was horrible.

  12. Ok, I’m hoping one of you Winx officianado’s can help me out. My daughter watches this show when she visits her Dad. I’m not very familiar with it, but “winx club all seasons” has made it’s way onto her Christmas list. I’m trying to find these on Amazon but I can’t tell if these are the new versions or the old versions — the DVDs on Amazon are from 2006. I’m assuming these are the “old” ones. Anyone know…??

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I had no idea this comment came in. The DVDs on Amazon are from 2006 and they are the 4Kids version but they are all seasons (excluding the new seasons produced by Nick). Said seasons are Season 1-3 (the standard and the Enchantix season). Nick has not dubbed those seasons in their entirety (I think they dubbed the Enchantix season but I cannot remember) so you are better off getting the 2006 DVDs so your daughter can familiarize herself with the characters.

      You should also buy seasons 4-5. Those are the most recent seasons produced by Nick and are known as the Believix and Sirenix seasons. If you want your daughter to familiarize herself with the Italian version, you can buy the DVDs in Italian that come with subtitles or the RAI English version. If you buy the 4Kids DVDs, make sure the description states they are the 4Kids editions. I hope this helps~!

  13. I know this must be weird for those who grew up with 4kids version,but the real winx club is the one that stays true to the italian,original story.As for voice actors,I don’t mind the changes,but it will take some time to get used to.

  14. lola.la · · Reply

    4kids is not the original whether or not people saw it first,and since 4kids won’t dub new episodes it would only make sense that people would go back and get to know the real events/names etc since no matter how much they miss what they first watched,it is unfortunately ove.
    The names like Domino have always been the real ones,and although I understand that people feel nostalgic about the version they saw first,if you go back and watch the dubs that follow the original storyline then you will stop noticing those things in the newer seasons/episodes.That way you can get used to the way the show is and enjoy it more,and isn’t that what everone wants in the end?
    For me personally the voice acting isn’t that big of a deal as long as the voices aren’t so horrible that it’s irritating to listen to the sound of a certain character.I think the current voice actors in the english dub are good.I listened to the different actors versions of the characters on youtube and in most of them I didn’t have favorites in terms of which voice fits the character best.The one exception would be that Tecna sounded way too old with the british accent.

  15. lola.la · · Reply

    One thing that annoyins me in these season 5 and 6 episodes is that repetitive way the girls say their name and their power every single time they transform.It gets really gets old.Fingers crossed that they’ll drop it next season.

  16. I miss the old winx club and I agree I miss the original song too. If only Nick relies that the original was much better and it was true to different countries. For me icy ‘ s voice is too lady like, not the voice that a Villan needs to have, their outfits when they transform are not as good. Also the transformation takes too long, why do they need to dance after their have transfomed.

  17. I loved Winx when I was little! I was so excited that they were bringing it back, but the one thing that really threw me off was how similar the voices were for the girls. To me it honestly sounded like they were all done by the same person that didn’t know how to change their voice well. Was that just me? I’m willing to give the new seasons a try because I was so sad that they stopped releasing episodes after Bloom finds out about her parents, but I guess 4kids’ version will always have a place in my heart.

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    I should really paste this here….

  19. I know you wrote this article like…YEARS AGO (2011), but I just wanted to comment and tell you that I completely agree with you. One of the local channels in my area just recently started airing the first season of Winx Club. I was 21 years old when I first saw the Winx Club in 2004…it was the 4kids dub. I know that nowadays 4kids gets a lot of hate for their dubs, but their dubs are the ones that introduced me to a lot of these shows (Yu-Gi-Oh!, the original Pokemon, Winx Club, Ultimate Muscle, etc). I love the music in 4kids dubs and I thought the voice acting actually fit the characters. When this local channel started airing Winx Club last week, I was excited to see something from my ‘childhood’. Lol. That excitement quickly turned to confusion, and then outright disappointment. The theme song was COMPLETELY different (‘Winx will show you how’ instead of ‘We are the Winx’). I wondered at first if this was a different season, or maybe a reboot, but it turned out to be the exact same episodes. Also the music for the transformation sequences does not fit at all. All in all it is a horrible dub. THe voice actresses/actors are beyond bad.

  20. Musa Lisa · · Reply

    “W.I.T.C.H. was like Winx, but a darker version”

    Haha, well said. Actually, W.I.T.C.H. comics were even darker and they really had mature and dark teams about love, isolation, loneliness, friendship, sacrifices and lust for vengeance. The show was in fact much more silly, it didn’t do justice to the source material. If you liked the show, I highly recommend you to read the W.I.T.C.H. comics. They are far from being childlish and you can esily enjoy them even as an adult. You rarely see any comics these days where girl characters aren’t just a bunch of walking cliches – When you read W.I.T.C.H. all the main characters feel real, as if they really are real human beings.

    As for Winx Club, you really should watch the original Italian version if you haven’t already. 4kids americanized Winx Club so much that it changed the character personalities, plots and subplots, and all important scenes and better dialogues of the original version. In the season 4 when they go to Gardenia there are Italian flags on the streets which tells in which country the show was made.

    For some reason 4kids even decided that EVERYONE in Winx Club should be a princess. Perhaps this was made to make the girls to be like Disney princesses. But in the original version, only Stella, Layla and Bloom were part of the royalty. Musa was actually from a very poor family, and she lost her mother because they didn’t have enough money to pay for medicine. I think it’s more interesting to have characters who have to struggle for survival than just seeing a bunch of princeses.

    1. Thank you for your reply! I am amazed this post still gains traction after so many years. I have been in the process of watching the original Italian dub and I’ve been slowly getting used to the voice changes (it also made me appreciate Nickelodeon’s voice changes a little bit more than I used to). I didn’t know Musa was from a poor family, and that only three of them were princesses. Do you think the live action show will remain more faithful to the source material?

      Thank you for recommending the W.I.T.C.H. comics too. I actually used to read them when they were released as graphic novels in America and read a few more later issues that were scanlated. The girls in the comic definitely felt full of heart. As an art person, I liked the covers of the original Italian issues. Maybe one day I will go back and read the rest. I don’t think I noticed many of the dark themes presented (except Will’s romance with Matt, Taranee’s problems and I think Cornelia and her mom’s problems). I hope that when the new official translation is made, it won’t be dropped like the old graphic novels.

      The part about girls being cliches reminds me of some Shounen anime that uses the girls as boob/nudity tropes. It gets “ugh boring” when its done so much. ScomboliReviews on Youtube pointed out how boring it is in his “bad anime” video (that might be the wrong video).

      Sorry if my comment is too short or all over the place. I am exhausted w_w.

      1. Musa Lisa · ·

        Thank you so much for your reply! Sorry, only now I had enough time to answer. 🙂 Well, they said they stay true to the source material, but tbh that can mean anything. I think it mostly depends on who is responsible for making the show and who their target audience is. It depends a lot on whether they make the live action series for the Italian/European audience or the US market. The age of their target audience is also an important factor.

        And yes, W.I.T.C.H. definitely handled much mature and darker themes in a way you don’t usually see in the main stream entertainment industry. I think it succeeded in this much better than Winx Club (eg. this whole Bloom/Sky/Diaspro drama has gotten old. Diaspro is degraded to an annnoying Evil Girlfriend trope who is always blamed for Bloom and Sky´s problems. And Sky always remains as a perfect boyfriend despite that he lied to Bloom from the beginning and cheated on Diaspro and gets jealous very easily. And still Sky and Bloom are always portrayed as a “perfect” couple.)

        W.I.T.C.H. does romances much better imo. For example, through the first two sagas a lot has been done to suggest that Cornelia and Caleb’s romance is their destiny, true love. But the comics avoid that trope and break our expectations: Their break up showed that love is not an answer for everything. Later the other girls experience it too in their relationships.

        I also find it pretty funny that after the fifth saga the W.I.T.C.H. comics slowly started to suffer from the same problem like Winx Club did after the season 4. There still were many things that I liked and it still was million times better than most comics, but by the 8th saga new plotlines, villains, backstories and characterizations started to feel pretty lazy and even stupid. Many side characters like Orube, Elyon and Joel were completely forgotten. I guess the writers simply had difficulty to come up with new ideas. Even the art style changed, it wasn’t as detailed and beautiful anymore. To me it always felt like the “real” W.I.T.C.H. ended after the 5th saga. If you read the fifth saga of the W.I.T.C.H. comics, you probably notice that the end of the saga feels like it is an end for their story. That is the reason why for me W.I.T.C.H. ended after the five sagas, just like I like to think that the “real” Winx Club ended after the season 4.

        Sorry for my rambling, I tend to ramble too much. ^^

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