The Society On Da Run Anime: 7 Years of Love

For seven years I’ve let anime like Haruhi Suzumiya, Code Geass, and Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni influence my art for the TSODR series. I’ve come to realize that The Society On Da Run deserves an anime (and of course, HBO or AMC (or Starz) live action series). Although the story may not seem fully developed to you (if you’ve read it), it is fully developed to those whom have read the really long manuscript. Seven years of space dragony goodness deserves to be seen, and only anime (and an HBO or Starz adaptation) can do it right. But let’s get some things straight:

(the above picture is by me, it’s the dragon god Ashuton and Narcissus waving at you. Wave back!!)

The Opening and Ending Songs: Yes, yes, the songs……for years I’ve let Japanese music influence my mind and with a great outcome. I’v narrowed it down to a few artists whom can do music for the anime:

1) ALI PROJECT: their Techno-babble neo-classical authentic style (and classical music albums)  have been the inspiring hallmarks for the chapbook magazine series. Katakura Mikiya and Arika Takarano lead an all-star band that isn’t well known in America. They’ve been singing since the 1980s and they always deliver. From classical music to techno to hip hop, pop, progressive rock and more, ALI PRO leads a musical alliance and doesn’t ever fail to impress. They are the first choice for making the Anime’s DRAGON SIDE BLACK soundtrack.

2) Haruka Shimotsuki: She is top priority as well. Her folk music and imaginary languages have captured my eyes when I was 11, and have since inspired countless Dragon types, breeds, planets and such. Songs such as Hill of Elm, Tsugunai no Uta, and her work on Tindharia no Tane are recommended if you are itching to grab some of her music. She does have a range of styles, but folk/celtic-ish music is what she does best. She should handle the DRAGON SIDE WHITE soundtrack. (Don’t get me started on her work on Ar Tonelico. Oh my god, you will have eargasms all night)

3) Rekka Katakiri: ever since I was little, Rekka’s mischievous music has always made me wonder: what the hell is she saying? I used to go to the park with my sansa Fuze in hand and listen to Rekka’s songs as I swung on the swings. Her style is different and….strange…I don’t know how to classify her. Her albums Hareyaka Naru Sora no Yukue, 空の軋みと歪める世界の無き、声 (Sora no Kishimi to Yugameru Sekai no Naki, Koe), Seven Deadly Sins  and Min no Uta are the pinnacle of her style and success. They range from folk (mostly folk) and rock with some pop-like elements. Seven Deadly Sins is definetley worth a listen. Although it’s her earliest work where her vocals weren’t the strongest, the various arranges f the sounds is priceless. She’s also good friends with Shimotsuki.

A side note: various songs that I enjoy that are by other artists besides the ones listed above will be used in the Anime and the game, so get ready to do some licensing!

(above image drawn by me for the epic poem “Twelve.” Yes, that’s a tentacle dragon.)

The Dragons: How they should look: THIS is the most important aspect, since TSODR lives and breathes Dragons, they must be done RIGHT. Most Anime or anything in Japan about dragons depicts them as robotic-mecha thingies that don’t even look dragony (I’m looking at YOU, 7th Dragon). My dragons’ designs are indeed inspired by the music of ALI PRO and others, but they’re also inspired by the Dragons seen on DeviantArt, most notably Kerem Beyit and VampirePrincess007’s dragons, but not all the dragons are inpsired by their art. The dragons come in many sizes, you know. I would also like fans to draw thier own TSODR Dragon, it might be in the anime! Below I’ve listed the art by Kerem and Princess. The colorful images are by VampirePrincess007 and the rest is by Kerem Beyit:

The storyline: I MUST be creative director AND co-director. There are certain things in TSODR that MUST be in the anime and tv series, or else I’ll revoke the rights from the company!

The ACTORS: another important part. The Actors. I don’t want sexy, flashy, make-upy, blonde beauties and hunky males. I want average people, your everyday person, for the series, and a few beautiful, flashy, make-upy females and handsome males. What I want the directors of the series to get right is Narcissus and Ashuton. It’s fairly easy. Ashuton’s appearance has been described many times in the book and you can clearly tell how he looks if you’ve bought the book from lulu and saw the concept art. I also want the teenage characters to be played by ACTUAL teenagers and not adults pretending to be teenagers. Got that? You’d better.

The SEIYUU: I don’t care who voices who in the anime. Actually, yes I do care. I want it to be authentic. For the American dub, I want actors that match the nationalities of the characters. The Karrucci brothers are voiced by real
Italian men imported from Italy, Narcissus is voiced by a real African American girl, Raspy Nyuga is voiced by an actual teenager, and such…

Not sure who to get for the Japanese dub……

The Languages, The Sights, The Feels of Italy: the majority of the book takes place in Italy, and I want the look and feel of the country to be right, which means the animation might have to be “loose.” I want the music to give a feel of Italianism, I want the crowds to give off an Italian feel, I want the buildings and fruit carts to feel Italian, I want the languages on the books and on television screens and billboards to feel Italian and not something that was Googled and pasted there (even if it was), I want it to be as Italian-feeling as possible. The same goes for all other countries that the book takes place in. Think of Madeline and how French it feels (and it’s a 1998 cartoon!).

The Game: If there is a game adaptation, I don’t want it to be some sub-par game adaptation that’s thrown to the masses. I want it to be like what REAL gamers would play. I want it to not seem like a game adaptation. It’ll fuse RPG with FPS, and a lot more. I’m not giving away it’s game details until an actual game is greenlit. And I MUST be co-director and creative director, ’cause I got a lot of ideas for it.

The Dragon Languages: Yes! Most importantly, when the voice actors speak like Dragons, I don’t want them to sound all stupid and dubious and acting like they don’t know what they’re saying! I want them to speak it like they speak English (or whatever language they originate from)!

The Dragon Music: yes we covered this part, but not for the dragon languages. Songs like Ghosts of Draconizica and COSMOLUNCH must sound like rela songs and not generic. The Draconizica song is actually inspired by Hane ni Sugaru Mono by Haruka Shimotsuki from her Griotte no Nemurihime album (the sister album to Tindharia no Tane), so when making the dragons songs, listen and learn from Shimotsuki’s Tindharia albums (and her Tsukioi no Toshi albums) and learn to harness her musical essence.

So…. : so that’s it. That’s all I request for The Society On Da Run anime, games and whatever media (besides the chapbooks) that comes out of it. I hope an anime studio sees this. You can use the Contact Us page if you are interested in the TSODR project and want to take part in it.

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Gotta admit, ALI PROJECT is pretty amazing. I love their opening for NOIR.

    1. Yay! Another ALI PRO fan! I’ve been listening to them for years. I don’t think I have a favorite because all of their songs are unique and lovable, but if I had to choose, I’d go with their song Platonic.

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