thedragongod #1: Aisthick (A Death in Roadnasty)





USERNAME: thedragongod
PASSWORD: **********


thedragongod: hello


Boy: who the hell are you? what the hell is this?


thedragongod: It’s your first time…


I can’t help it
They all felt “disposable”
They wore the helmet and now here they are!
Their minds are in the back of my mind
I wonder what to do with them…
Slick as an icicle, their blood looks green
Outside of this game I’m completley normal
But what if they weren’t?


That boy was on his own
He wished this upon himself for simply playing around
I cannot judge, but I can reap


Outside this game, everything’s fine
I call myself “thedragongod” because I am one
Heh, he’s angered with me
What will you do boy? What will you do?




*gushing sounds*


thedragongod: it hurts, doesn’t it?


Boy: stop it! stop this! why am I here?


thedragongod: your here because of what you did to Narcissus


Boy: that girl? why her?


thedragongod: she was my Dragon and you soiled her!


*loud clanging*




Boy: my leg!! MY LEG!!!




Noren jumped up, his heart racing like a speeding horse


He clenched his chest as he tried to catch his breath


Sweat was leaking all over his body


He touched the covers and closed his eyes, hoping it was all a bad dream


Thankfully it was, he still had his leg


He fell back on his pillow and sighed with relief


“What happened?” asked a young girl beside him.


“Nothing,” he said, “it was nothing.”




High School was the worst place for Narcissus


The clamoring students, the jumbled voices, the idiocricy of their actions, the popularity system, the blandness and always being picked on……being alone….


That’s what it’s like at Northton High


It was a fight for <<<Survival>>>


It was lunch time, and all the loudmouth beasts were being unleashed from their classroom cages


Well, that’s how Narcissus saw it


When she exited the classroom with all the other students, she stood to think of where to go


The library was out of the option, it was where the boys hung out (strange, right?)


Whenever she went in there, they would always ask her for “favors”


Sometimes one will ask, and sometimes all of them would ask


Sometimes the ones that would ask were  jocks, nerds, club members, hot boys, or geeks


So….no library for today


So she ventured to the lunchroom, which was a battleground


Narcissus (to herself): okay, just don’t say anything. Keep quiet.


The moment she entered the lunchroom, the most popular girls in school cornered her. The group/click was made of five girls: Merissa, the primpy British girl; Chai Xiyu, the smart but fashion-conscious Chinese girl; Esperanza, the music-loving Hispanic girl; Weeya, the traditional but fashion-conscious African girl; and Brittacina Manifair, the rich, spoiled leader.


Brittacina: Hey, it’s the Dragonwhore! Did you learn the Crouching Tiger, yet?


Narcissus didn’t speak, she only stared


Brittacina: Oh, wow, you won’t speak, but you did speak when you fucked my boyfriend. You spoke then! Didn’t you?! My boyfriend, Norenzer, I saw the video! He kept saying he loved you. You said the same thing to him! You dirty whore you stole him from me!


Narcissus drew back in fear. She looked around and saw Noren sitting at the table with the other athletic boys. He looked at her, then he continued eating and acting like the impending catfight wasn’t happening.


Narcissus: I…I…I have to go now


Brittacina: To where? The library where you meet all the other boys? Don’t act so innocent!


Chai: Well, in the video she did cry during the sex


Brittanica: Chai, shut it!


Narcissus tries to leave, but Brittacina walks in front of her to block her path.


Brittacina: you owe me answers!


Narcissus: No I don’t. Just leave me alone.


Brittacina: why were you with my boyfriend at that party?


Narcissus: he never told me you were his girlfriend, now leave me alone!


Narcissus angrily walks past Brittacina….


Brittacina: were? what?


Narcissus sat alone at her usual table in the back. She didn’t have anything to eat, so she played on her iPod. Occasionally she let the tears fall, but she acted as if they never fell.




School was over and her aunt, Gina, was waiting in the parking lot


Narcissus literally ran there to avoid Brittacina and she didn’t hesitate to jump into the car


Gina: so, how was your day?


Narcissus: greeaaaatttttt. I want to go home now.


There was a loud shout, and Narcissus heard Brittacina shouting her name


“Narcissus! Narcissus! Get back here you ghetto blackie!”


Gina: Ghetto? What? She doesn’t know we are high class


Narcissus: DRIVE OFF! FAST!


Gina: Why?


Narcissus: Just do it!


Gina: Okay, okay, fine!


The car swerved off into the distance


Gina: what the hell was that all about?


Narcissus: that was Brittacina.


Gina: why is she after you?


Narcissus: I don’t know


Gina: Narc, you’d better not be fibbing


Narcissus: I’m not! I don’t want to talk about her.


Narcissus turned on the radio and tuned it to the Japanese Classical Music station. She closed her eyes as she listened to Arika Takarano from ALI PROJECT sing “Platonic”. The angelic voice was enough to send Narcissus into a temporary sleep.


Once at home, Narcissus kicked off her shoes


When her mother, Lisa, asked how her day was, Narcissus quickly replied, “it was fine.” and she rushed to her room


Her main interest of the night is the dragonesque game RoadNasty


It was extremely popular with people in the 14-40 age range


Narcissus held the highest score in the game, and her IGN (in-game name) was Thedragongod. She was the talk of social forums, twitter messages and prestigious gaming websites. Everyone that played RoadNasty knew her name.


She got undressed and took a quick shower before jumping into the game


She knew he would be coming, so she changed into her bedtime shorts and Hello Kitty shirt, just for him


She turned on the computer and waited as it booted up


She sung to herself as she waited, “dovahkiin, dovahkiin, by his honor sworn. dovahkiin, dovahkiin, for the king. Fus ro dah, fus ro d–”




She smiled deviously and saw the game logon screen


She placed her iPod on the dock and it played the song “Take the Lead” by Kevin MacLeod, which was the game’s main theme


She held her Cicada-ant helmet and all the fond memories flowed into her head


She got that helmet when she went to the midnight premier of the game, and Noren and his brothers were with her


They were fans of the RoadNasty series and they played all the games together


Narcissus remembered those days.


She remembered going to his house.


She remembered being friends with Brittacia.


RoadNasty initiated.


“Fus ro dah!” she said joyously.


She threw on the helmet and felt the game takeover


She resumed where she left off at, which was atop the Dragon Spire in Rihahelm


Her character wielded a dragon-made assault rifle that used plasma for ammo


And in the distance was a dragon war machine that was tearing down the skyscrapers of the dystopian city


She took out her microphone and connected it with the computer


“Hey, Miles, are you on?”


“w-what? Narcissus, your on already?”


Miles is her nerdy friend from school


He plays RoadNasty constantly, and he and Narcissus constantly talk about the lore in the series, like where the space dragon god originated, how the space dragons developed the smarts for building, and making their own languages


“Narcissus, you just got on?” he asked.


“Yeah. I’m in Rihahelm. You gotta come see this!” she said in excitement.


The devs at the company Dragonair would throw special things at the players in certain areas at certain times of the day. These events were called Big Battles, and the bosses would have health that would seem to be infinite. It was a team effort to take down the boss, and the one that did the most damage (also called Hit Points) would be on the boss leaderboard for that city until the next battle.  Narcissus held the top title in the Global Boss Battle Leaderboard for all battles so far, and she’s had it for two and a half years.


She reached the highest possible level and unlocked every dragon-weapon in the game. She had nearly all the special items and the Devs were continuously throwing out new planets, cities and items to improve your kingdom or empire. RoadNasty was one game she could escape to.


“Narc, are you going to take it down?” he asked.


“Of course I am.” she said with a cutsey laugh.


There was a knock at her window but she was too into the gameplay to see what it was




She climbed aboard her fire dragon and became one with it. They used their combine powers to strike with a breath of searing hot lava.




The machine’s front left leg was crippled, but John Aisling Grey, the Dragon whom held second place on the leaderboard, was using the power of Earth to break the machine’s right leg. The onlooking players were in a scurry as the battle intensified.


knock knock knock


She sighed and used a Keydragon to keep her player on automatic attack with only Fire Technology (you could only buy Keydragons in the shop). She unwillingly pulled herself away from the intense battle. She opened her window and saw Noren with a rose in his right hand and pop in the other. She sighed, “c’mon in, but you have to be quiet.”


She ran back to the computer, dumping all thoughts of him, and resumed her game


“Your playing RoadNasty again?” he asked.


“Who’s that?” asked Miles over the headset.


“It’s you-know-who.” said Narcissus with a giggle.


Miles rolled his eyes (not that she’d know) and said, “Oh great. I’ll be getting off now. You don’t have to fight the big battle in New York. Your score of Eighty-nine billion is safe. It would take John several months to beat that, and that’s only if he buys Dragongold.”


Narcissus giggled, “okay, okay. Bye Miles. I’ll see you in the Battlecity tomorrow, darling.”


Darling? Darling?! Miles coughed loudly and said, “Don’t talk like that! He’ll think your flirting!”


She shook her head, “So? He knows I’m not flirting. I talk to all my guy friends like this.”




And like that he turned off the chat window.


“Is that Miles?” asked Noren.


She nodded, “yup.”


“Why are you still wearing that Ant hat?” he asked as he took a sip of pop.


“It’s not an ant hat. It’s a Cicada-Ant hat.”


“And do you still sing Ali Project music and shout Fus do rah when you wear that?”


She stammered, “um, um, eh, uh, um, no, yes, n-n-no no. I don’t…I say that all the time, it’s like my catchphrase.”


“Pffft. Yeah, it’s your catchphrase from a game that you abandoned as soon as RoadNasty came out. I see you also abandoned Master Chief and the Covenant, too.”


“Noren, did you come here to mock my geekery or did you come here so I won’t be crying myself to sleep?”


“Um, both.”


She laughed and a sweet smile appeared on her face, “You came just in time. The bed covers are in tip top shape.”


He came closer to her and took her by the hand, “You know, before you came I used to be in love with Brittacina until she took an arrow to the ego.”


She laughed…again, it was another thing she did a lot, “Awesome. Come and Fus Ro Dah me to heaven.”


“Fus Ro Dah you to heaven? I think we should stop the meme sex talk.”


“oh wait! Come and get some chocolate cake!”


“Chocolate cake? Now your using Portal references and skin color? How come your never like this at school? Your so outgoing and sweet and-and-and funny!”


She sat down and lowered her voice, “I don’t have any friends. I don’t have anyone to talk to. I tell my mother about everything except you. Everyone calls me a whore, yet no one knows about us.”


He changed the subject, “why do you do all those requests for those guys you meet in the Library?”


“Because…I…I….” she looked at the computer and started crying.


“It feeds your RoadNasty addiction, doesn’t it?”


“Not all of it. Most of it is hard work, the other part comes from my weekend job and the rest comes from the requests.”


He held her tightly and whispered, “stay off that game for one week, and I’ll give you a present.”


She drew back, “what? A week? Do you know how fast John could catch up if I did that?”


“What’s more important? The game or our relationship? We haven’t went out since you acquired that fire dragon.”


“Why don’t you try playing with me?” she asked, “come on more often.”


He put his hands on her shoulders and replied, “I do play with you, but it’s gotten to a point where you won’t talk to me. Your too concerned about your dragon starving or your people being attacked or warding off alien wolves or meeting Rementia! People in the allegiance have told me that you won’t listen to them. I have to do all the work, I have to fight off all the enemies, and I can’t balance gaming with school. I’ve already failed once, I can’t fail again.”


She tried looking away, but she couldn’t take her eyes off him. His words were so overwhelming and they were true.


“Did Brittacina really see that tape?” she asked.


He shook his head, “No. She just wanted to start something.”


“That’s a load off my shoulders!” she said with a smile.


“Did any of my words get to you?” he knocked on her head, “is there a cloggin’ in your noggin’?”


She touched his hand and kissed him, “I heard every word, Noren.”


“Perfect. Starting tomorrow I want you off that game for a week.”


“Tomorrow? That menas I should play now before tomorrow!”


As she was about to get up he grabbed her by the hand, “No! Starting tonight you must stay off the game for one week and twelve hours!”


“Noren, I was joking.”


“Good, you’d better be. Now get in this bed, we haven’t done anything all week.”


She looked back and teased him by pulling up her shirt, “patience, Noren. Patience.”








USERNAME: thedragongod
PASSWORD: **********


thedragongod: hello? are you there? I can feel you.


MilesTheAlien: yes, I’m here


thedragongod: I need you to get Brittacina on this game


MilesTheAlien: why?


thedragongod: If she starts playing, then everyone else will, and they will see this game’s importance


MilesTheAlien: I feel you have another motif…


thedragongod: I need you to get her on here


MilesTheAlien: how do you know she’s not already playing? How do you know everyone else is not already on here? I know thirty-two players from school that play this, but only a few are high ranking players


thedragongod: what? thirty-two?


MilesTheAlien: not including me, you, Noren, Davis and all the others


thedragongod: so that makes forty if you include me, you and the guys


MilesTheAlien: Toppolino plays this game, his IGN is Vanguard


thedragongod: Toppolino? what level is he?


MilesTheAlien: 14


thedragongod: ppffftt. My sister is level forty, and she is only Eight-years-old. Her IGN is MasterDisaster, but don’t you think about adding her. Her allegiance is private and for family only.


MilesTheAlien: I know! I know! Noren hasn’t been on lately, so i’m moving to your allegiance so I can fill in for when he’s not on


thedragongod: Good! Thanks. It’s Game of Thrones.


MilesTheAlien: like the book?


thedragongod: yup. Jeremiah will accept you. He’s on now.


MilesTheAlien: you and your brother are like freaks with this game. I-i-in a good way.


thedragongod: uh-oh, I gotta go. Noren is waking up. He put me on lockdown for a whole week


MilesTheAlien: A week? That’s hardly not enough time for John to catch up, unless he works with the Devs


thedragongod: I know, right? gotta go now. bye!


MilesTheAlien: bye!


Unidentified voice: are you….I told you not to play that game!




Sinister eyes glared at the computer screen as new lines of words would pop up whenever someone she was watching would speak, “So that’s how you get a written conversation…”


She closed the audio hacker and saved the file in a .txt format. She saved the self-recorded video file in the CamStudio program, so that was proof enough that the AudioCapture was recording their words and that the AudioText was “writing” it down.


The mysterious girl smiled, “Miles, you are so busted. Game of Thrones is going down tonight.”


“John! I got the audio! Her sister’s IGN is MasterDisaster! We have our bait.”


A man walked up to her, the only light in the room coming from the computer, everything else was dark, “I told you not to call me that.”


He walked to the broken window and watched the falling rain.


She crossed her arms, “Is that the thanks I get for seering your enemy?”


“Looks like it.” he said without looking back.


“This game is more real than it seems.”




Wooh! I’ve always wanted to do a teenage obsession-whorring-video-game-loving-school-tension-interracial-dragon-girl-game-is-real type of story. So to clear up a few things:


1) RoadNasty is a video game that is like Dragons of Atlantis and World of Warcraft with a mixture of sci fi like Halo and fantasy like Skyrim, but that’s in terms of gameplay. It’s lore is based on TSODR and I’m not sure if this should be canon to the TSODR series.


2) the video game meme references were added for comedic effect. Said games did not inspire the story


3) Narcissus is a main character from the TSODR chapbook magazine


4) my writing is off in some places, but bear with me, I’m only 17 and poetry is my specialty, not prose, so in some places the writing will be sucky and in some cases: bland


5) the top image was drawn by me in MyPaint. It is Narcissus’s ingame character, so she does not have 6 eyes (but she does have that Cicada-Ant hat)


6) Kevin MacLeod puts up songs for free to use for anything as long as you attribute him (CC-BY) so I am linking to his site. His song “Take the Lead” is filed under the Rock Harder category: Click here for the music collection on His website, Incompetech




Next week’s episode of Thedragongod: A new student comes to the school! Who is she and what does she want with Miles? Narcissus is on a search for someone at school whom she suspects could be the player John Aisling Grey. Brittacia is up to something…….



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