Dance of the Sugar Dragons: A Christmas Poem

Written entirely on my iPod. Part of the TSODR universe.

Beyond the sweltering snow,
Into Christmas glow
But fret not, young reader!
This poem is not a rhyme
But a story of a dragon’s first time
No, not a story about sexual exploitation
Rather, a story about the sugar rush of the Sugar Dragons

They dance in circles above Santa Mountain, sprinkling dust of the jolly old man’s domicile. They listened to the wishes of commuters and children, and over the mountain they sprinkled dust upon the snow. Mixing with the White Technology of these sugar dragons, wishes took physical forms and became more than just unspoken (or spoken) Christmas dreams.

When the mountains were filled with wrapped presents, they mentally went through each one to remember whom wanted what. They quickly filed the presents and magically made nametags, their minds were working hard and the supercomputers within them were processing everything at a fast rate. When their eyes returned to their leaf-green colors, they filled Santa’s bag with the wishes of the world.

But, there were people that would rather spend their money on their presents and get the gifts themselves. These were adults whom had stopped believing in the Dragons and would no longer request their help. Though some taught their children to still believe in Santa and the Dragons, there are those whom haven’t taught their children, and so the children do not ask of the Dragon’s help.

But don’t fret again!
There are adults that have been believing in Santa and his Dragons all their lives, and their presents truly come from the entities that dwell in the cold yet warming mountains.

The white dragons would come back to civilization in human form when their tasks were complete. They would find a present in their cave, under their pine trees, above their fireplace, or under trees that were already constructed by their Secret Santa.

But they knew whom gave them their presents. It was a Thank You from Ol’ Saint Nick himself, a thank you for the hard work they put into the presents. Next year they would return as Dragons, to dance in a circle together over the snowy mountains.

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