Japanese Anime “Noir” to get American remake on Starz!

Google it. It’s true.

What does this mean for anime fans? We’re finally being recognized.

There’s been a recent explosion of anime lovers since 2006 and they keep coming out of nowhere, especially since the advent of Portal 2 (people like to draw the robots as anime characters), manga being recognized by publishers like Del Rey, and anime dance craze on the Net. Recent news has reported that an anime called Noir is getting a live action remake on the Starz network by Sam Raimi (the guy that made the Spider Man movies, Legend of the Seeker, Xena, Sparticus and such) and Robert Tapert (the guy that made the Legend of the Seeker adaptation, Xena and Sparticus series). I’ve heard of this news for a while and am surprised that anime fan blogs haven’t blogged about this. The folks behind the script/screenplay is Steven Lightfoot, Joshua Donen and Bill Hamm. Never heard of them.

I have never seen Noir, I only heard of it through ALI PROJECT (my favorite band)’s music on the series (Aka to Kuro and Apres le Noir being the best song they produced for it). This makes me wonder, will the show have bits and pieces of the original music scattered in various scenes in the show? Will the show have a bunch of sex scenes like all the other shows on it’s network? (the “Adult Merlin” series Camelot, Sparticus and HBO’s Game of Thrones come to mind)

I know the remake will probably be brilliant, but the two guys behind the project are EXECUTIVE PRODUCING it, which means they aren’t writing or directing any episodes, just funding it. If it’s not a good remake, Lord help us all (insert sarcasm self test).

Now all that’s left to make the anime community complete is a live action adaptation of the space dragon series The Society On Da Run.

Read up on Noir from Wikipedia: Noir anime on Wikipedia

Read up on Noir’s Spiritual successors, Madlax and El Cazador de la Bruja:

Madlax: click here

El Cazador de la Bruja: click here

DOES THIS MEAN more anime will be adapted for American audience? Will Noir’s “spiritual” sequels, Madlax and El Cazador de la Bruja get remakes on Starz?

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