The Siege of Rome and Other Releases

I’ve been irresponsible in updating the release list. There have been TONS of recent releases from the ebook periodical, and I’ll list them below for you to buy. Newer cover art has been added to most of the books that have that ugly black cover art. Click the titles to view the pages. You can also get these on iBooks, Sony, Kobo, Amazon and everywhere else.


Imp Empress: it tells the story of Ashuton Karrucci’s parents, Seraphina and Aaron. It’s short, and will be spruced up in the future.

Dragonsongs: Singing the Language of Dragons: That ebook contains songs sung by the Dragons of Draconizica, in their language. The longest song is the Creation Song, which is a “trio” type of song.

SECTOR 1: That ebook used to have “The Siege of Rome” with it, but it was chopped down to have just 4 poems, one of which is about Dragon prostitution. Interesting……

Lorea Antabella: A Non-Regular Vampire Story: that’s the weirdest one of the bunch. It takes a spin on the

vampire genre by adding Dragons to the mix and baby daddy drama…and underage romance. At 2,886 words, it’s a real short gem and I’m hoping there is more.

Platonick: The word Platonic, the name Nick and the name Plato are mashed together in the title “Platonick.” It’s about a guy that double-crosses his teenage girlfriend and guy lover and pays the price. He’s cruel, unforgiving, and it reads like Lolita (but it wasn’t inspired by it). If you are a fan of word play, ice dragons, and love triangles, Platonick is for you. It was recently edited so now it has the full story. An LOL Moment: I just noticed the 69% on the girl’s shirt, and that’s inspired by the Resistance 3 RageQuit video on YouTube. After a bit of googling, I now know what 69 actually is!! :O

Sleepover From Hell: a free piece of popcorn poetry, it explores a girl’s adventure at a sleepover….FROM HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

The Legend of Darger Latriost the Bunny: that is a free short story that serves as a peek into the tumultuous world of Rabbithelm. Hybrid Rabbits are at war with Dragons while Darger, a young normal rabbit, has to leave his burrow to avoid the war but sometimes war can’t always be avoided when there are crazy wolves running around.

Sintel: The Novel Story: chances are you’ve read Sintel the Novel online. If you support the author, you’ll buy it. It’s a novel version of the movie Sintel. It’s not as up-to-date as the free one that you can read online.

Ashuton and Narcissus: this love story is about how Ashuton and Narcissus met. I swear, that story went through so many revisions, it’s ridiculous.

Narcissus Dilettante and the Hapless Dragon: if there was an award for best dragon-shifter love poem, it would go to this one. I like to abbreviate it’s title to NDHD. This poem was praised by the people on (Lulu Poetry), the Written Word Spruz site, and even the heartless (but it got a lot of troll comments too).

Space Dragon Poetry: Dragons of Atlanta and Twelve): Just like the title says: it’s space dragon poetry. The first poem is Darrel Kingman’s last webcam message before the Dragon invasion, and the last poem is about Unknown Girl’s search for her mother.

The Elder Eyes: Earthbound: It’s a short adventure story/epic poem about a girl looking for her Father’s killer in a medieval Earth.

Drachenscolderung is about how Ashuton met Nyota, the girl he mentioned in….wait..that one’s not out yet…ANYWAY, it has elements of romance, world mashing, technology Mages and is the first NaNoWriMo that I’ve ever done.

Lennard and Tortenello: this puts the “cute” in Dragonling. This is suppose to be a light-hearted tale for those that want a break from all the dark and gritty literature. It was intended to be a long chapter about Lennard trying to bomb something but being stopped by Tortenello, but that just made it cliche, so I changed it to a heartwarming story about two broken souls trying to find each other.

The Siege of Rome: NO! It does not take place in ancient Rome, but rather Modern day Rome on the day of the Dragon’s War. It’s a Left 4 Dead-ish/Resistance 2-ish story about a family struggling to survive the aftermath of the war.

HAARPers in the Hallway: A living, breathing weather machine? No, seriously! I’m not kidding. This story is about a living HAARP and the guy stuck with her.

Narcisus and the Dragon Birth: the ebook version of the story about a girl that gives birth to a Dragon.

We Were Once Hippies: that poem was called my most original story and I won the Wattpad Poetry contest with that.

Dance of the Sugar Dragons: What do the Christmas Dragons do and how does Santa deliver presents to 9 billiob kids in one night? Your questions are answered in this poem! (ppsstt, it’s free!)

Drachenscolderung: The Novel Story: the full story of Drachenscolderung without the extras.

The Way We Go: it’s a compilation of flash poems and is a New Year’s special.

Aphrodite’s Wasp: Aphrodite’s story, retold in a different way. Also includes two other poems.

Dragons and cicadas: that puts the “space” in space dragons. It’s every issue and every unreleased issue in TSODR that is about Dragons, and includes a guide to space dragons. Learn their customs, traits, languages, songs, weapons, ships, war strategies, tactics, and much more. If Smashwords isn’t your fancy, buy it from Amazon: Dragons and Cicadas on

Happy Twentieth Birthday, Florealé!: it’s just a love poem, free to buy.

Dragon Towers: Narcissus and her sister Melbourne see the dragon’s technology at work and get trapped in a dragon tower.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream is a Must: A Meme Poem: Everyone that buys this MUST start a Twitter meme with it!! Let’s raise attention to the Space Dragons!

The Society On Da Run #1: the book that started it all! This is the first book, but I don’t recommend you start with it. Start with Dragonworld ETC.

Dragonworld ETC: that’s the book I recommend you start with. It collects all of my weird Dragon poems. If you want an introduction to my work, start there.

WOOH! That’s it!
Buy those books if you really love Dragons!
Ad Astra,
Rocket Dog

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