Drachenscolderüng: A Dragon NaNoWriMo, Reaches 300 Downloads

Smashwords removed their NaNo catalogue, but my space dragon love story novel, Drachenscolderung, is still selling (with not a single review). It’s free, which means I’m not getting anything out of it. If you want to buy it and read it, feel free to contriubte to it’s download numbers. It’s not my strongest work but it’s good enough.

Synopsis: A mysterious dragon crash lands in an African village, and a young girl nurses it back to health only to find out he is half human and can switch between the two forms. This dragon is experienced in the art of Technology and requests help from the village to free his Mother. (It also comes with extras that serve as a peek into the world of TSODR.)

Interracial space dragon novel? YES! That’s a first. It’s appropriate for teenagers, if you are wondering. It sure beats all the five-star dragon shifter smut novels for Adults (I’m sure you know which dragon shifter novels i’m talking about) Just joking! 🙂 You gotta learn to make peace and not war.

Click here to download Drachenscolderüng to your kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android or whatever device you have.

Note: the title is something I made up. I was aiming for something Germanic/Germanish.


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