Dragons and Cicadas: Free Kindle eBook about Space Dragons

Dragons and Cicadas on Amazon

Want to read the *soon to be* popular 687-page space dragon book in Kindle format? Click the link above! Leave a review so I’ll know how I can make the series better or if it’s already epic. The poll and the left says most agree it’s groundbreaking.

image by kerem beyit

UK EDITION: UK edition link

GERMANY EDITION (In English): Amazon.de




To reiterate the last post:

Just thought I’d update the old blog with a new post. If you don’t already know, the print edition of TSODR has been out for a while and I’ll be having an event for the Kindle edition on Goodreads. It’s not *just* about Dragons. When I was making this book, I wanted it to have something for everyone. So, out of the 300+ stories and poems, there are about 100+ not related to the space dragons, so if Sci Fi isn’t your thing, you can skip ahead. It’s kid friendly in SOME places…..but…you know….a Dragon has to eat…right? It’s suggested for 16 and up, but the e-series on Smashwords will always be kid friendly. Sadly, I’ve put the e-series on hold and unpublished a few stories because I was getting out of hand with it, and Smashword’s auto-vetter thought it was a serial story, so I have to fix that. Flock on over to Smahwords and grab a few of the e-stories because some of them will be disappearing (sorry, SECTOR 1). Of course, the e-stories are in the print edition, so no need to panic. There’s a nice quiz about the book on Goodreads.

Goodreads page for Dragons and Cicadas

By the way, LULU ACCEPTS PAYPAL, so you can easily sign up with them (it’s required) and buy the book, or you can wait until it appears on Amazon at a more expensive price. It’s 687 pages and you may think “how unrealistc” or “dragons are mythical beasts, they do not fly space ships, command armies, build cities and all that other nonsense,” but let me tell you: these are not your father’s dragons. this is not Hiccup with his Night Fury, this is not Pern with its Dragonriders and Lessa, this is not Valrya and nor is it Daenerys Stormborn, and this is certainly not Dungeons and Dragons. This is The Society On Da Run, a book about SPACE DRAGONS, ALIEN DRAGONS, DRAGON SHIFTERS, CYBERNETIC DRAGONS, ZOMBIE DRAGONS, DRAGON VIRUSES, and a lot more.

And in the Guidebook section, I also decided to blend in some mythology when I wrote the book, like the French Tir’wells, the Scientists of ancient Greece, the Mexican Fae Kingdom, the Italian dragon kings, the African dragonpriests, and a lot more. I wanted every nationality to be equal. I know in most Fantasy books there is usually a society populated by nothing but pale folks and your occasional ethnic/foreigner, so with my book I wanted everyone to have something so nobody would feel left out, because in real life, every nationality contributed to the history of our good ol’ Mother Earth.

So…to reiterate, do check the link above and order the book. Check the Goodreads page because in a few hours the event will begin.

The sole purpose of The Society On Da Run is to show off my creative skills and bring REAL Fantasy and Science Fiction back into literature.

Kindle Edition (which is free)

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