I Wish iO9 Would Read My Space Dragons


The one website I truly adore does all sorts of things! One thing they haven’t done was blog about my space dragon poetry book. It’s not your usual dragon book, which is why the print book isn’t selling and the ebook is struggling. 400 people got it for free in the US, and that’s about it. The ebook getting more love in the UK, but it’s not enough! If iO9 reviews it, whether negative or good, it can get me noticed. I want people to have the print version because it’s the way my book was MEANT to be read. But whose going to pay $20 or $30 dollars for a teenage author? People did that with Christopher Paolini when he was a teenager promoting his book, so I know my book will sell.

Back in time, iO9 reviewed Marienbad My Love, a self published book. I think that’s the first self published book they reviewed, and they did a post about sex with dragons. I found those posts sometime after I finished most of my book, and looking back, I know this one thing: if they can do a post for that, they can do a post for my book.

Poetry may not be their “thing,” but let’s not forget there are hundreds of other poems and stories in the book if they find one not to their liking. So…if you know anyone from iO9, pass my book on to them. If you are from iO9, read my book and say something about it!

You might have to read the “Go Grab It” post and the “7 Years of Love” post to know why I wrote TSODR. I’ve been working at the book since I was ten. TEN!!! So many years…..

Dragons & Cicadas: The Society On Da Run

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