AYUA: African Remake of Sintel

After re-reading my Sintel novel, I saw how it lacked anything beyond it’s movie story. A week ago in a car I was listening “I Move On” from the Sintel soundtrack and I started to envision an African version of Sintel. It will be short but will follow the same plot as Sintel but…not entirely. It will be akin to The Society On Da Run universe, so you’ll notice some familiarity with the Dragons. Here is the first part, I want to know what you think of it (it’s a Popcorn Poem story):


Chapter One: Ayua and the Boy

It was a small village that had not been mapped by the GPS

It was out of the way, where none could see it

And when the sun sets and the lions awake, the village is still unseen

The Acacia trees cast their shadow silhouette

And the bellows of wildebeests were ever-present

But the commotion of the bus had rendered these sounds inaudible

People were chatting on their phones, working on their iPads, reading short story collections, and doing other things to keep their minds occupied for the ride

A boy—yes, a boy—was looking out the window, trying to concentrate on the little village, his new home

His mother and father decided to move here so they could focus on building a small school for the children that inhabit the village

They were workers at Perch Tech, but they came here on their own volition

Daniel was already missing the buildings and commotion of Wales

Out here it was too quite, with no sign of commotion anywhere

He spotted a group of huts somewhere between the trees

And he saw the sign that read “Ish”

Daniel shook his mother’s shoulder, “is that it? Is that our new home?”

She pulled away from her cell phone and nodded, “yes.”

Daniel fell back in his seat, now uninterested in the scenery

This was what they gave up Wales for?

The bus dropped them off

And there they were, suitcases in hand, at the threshold of the village

A young lady greeted them and told them their hut was not ready yet

So they would stay in her house for the night’s remainder

Daniel silently cussed the unfortunate event

The little house was small but very organized, just like their apartment in Wales

Sleeping bags and floor-mattresses had replaced conventional beds

And there was only one couch in the house

Daniel wanted to claim it; he did not want to sleep on the floor like—

“who are you?”

The couch had already been claimed by a little girl

She twiddled with her plaits, not paying attention to the visitor

She continued reading her little book

Daniel was becoming apprehensive and annoyed

“I said who are you?”

The little girl lowered her book, taking in his sight, and blatantly said, “Ayua,”

“Well, Ayua, can I have this spot? I do not want to be sitting on the floor.” He said.

She nodded, her expression unchanging, “sure.”

“Why are you so stiff?” he asked.

She tilted her head like a curious dove, “Why are you so angry?”

“I don’t want to be here, that’s why I’m so angry!”

Ayua held his hand and a smile broke upon her face, “don’t be angry,” she said.

He didn’t know what to make of her words

He just wanted everything to disappear back into nothingness


So what do you think? Is it a good “re-imagining” of Sintel? This is just part of the first chapter, it’s still in the works and will be finished. Top image is from Flickr, it turned up in a search (with “use for commercial use” enabled) for Acacia Trees or Acacial Silhouette. I just added the text. I can’t find a transparent version of the Sintel tree, but it would have been perfect for the image.

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