The Society On Da Run Literary Magazine

Every once in a while an idea strikes a man like pure gold hitting a big fat television. I’ve set up a Contact Me form with hardly no feedback and then it came to me: I’ve been releasing my stories in magazine format, but what I could be doing to get my name out there is make my own literary journal. I have Smashwords on my side and Wikimedia Commons to aid me in making the covers. I’ve got the fanbase and creativity and know-how to start my own literary journal. So here’s the pitch:

“The Society On Da Run is an online fantasy and science fiction literary magazine that strives to publish the best and unordinary, from poetry about space dragons to short stories about Vampire-Dragon-Hybrids in the times of Segregation. The Society On Da Run will accept anything by anyone as long as it’s unordinary and well written. The magazine will also publish a section of separate stories from the main storyline of its parent book, Dragons and Cicadas: The Society On Da Run. Submit today and Ad Astra!”

Right now there is no editor; there is no staff; it’s only me and my netbook. I am the editor, cover artist and overseer. Use the Contact Us form to submit. Right now I am only accepting poetry for the first issue, but you can send in stories, I’ll see if I can squeeze them in. The theme this month is Dragons. Space dragons, medieval dragons, dragons in Gothic times, anything about Dragons. I’ll also be adding stories from the original TSODR, and at the end of each month there will be special issues where you can contribute to the main storyline of TSODR.


Short Stories: up to 5k words, anything over will be rejected. Word Count is subject to change for future issues.

Poetry: no limit

Popcorn Poetry (poetry short stories): no stanza limit, but you must indicate it’s a Popcorn Poem

Limit per person: a limit of two entries per person for this month.

Deadline: March 15

I newly created an account at Smashwords for the magazine:

click here for the TSODR page

If I get enough submissions, it will go live! By the way, I can’t pay anyone for submissions, and the magazine itself is free. You’ll keep your copyright (why would I want that?), and this magazine’s schedule is irregular.

Ad Astra! I can’t wait to read your poems! (anime themed stories are also allowed, just make sure anything you submit does not infringe on anything).

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