New Book-Novel/Short Story Blog

Every once in a while an idea strikes a man like a fish tank hitting a Shark. I had a grand moment. It was this:

“Upload every individual story in The Society On Da Run and sell it on Kindle Blogs”

It’s intuitive, it’s creative, it’s…it’s…magical.

A few days ago I googled Short Story blog and the first blog that turned up had it’s last post in 2010. There aren’t that many short story blogs out there, so I decided to start my own for The Society On Da Run. I’ll be uploading the first book, Dragons and Cicadas, in the form of a book blog. You can subscribe to it on Amazon Kindle for 0.99. And I haven’t received any submissions for the literary magazine…but I’ll be patient.


Kindle subscription link:

Kindle link for UK Subscribers:

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