The Admiral’s Cicada and Other Releases

I’ve been really busy being dead. Just joking. I’ve been really busy with releasing new issues for TSODR. For those of you following Dino Macro, it’s safe to say the whole story has been uploaded to Smashwords. The cover for Androids and the Dragons kinda reminds me of The Secret. You can read/buy it on Smashwords:


Other stories include:


The Supper of the Fae: A driad-faeries invites an unsuspecting visitor to her forest party. Poem, 1380 words.





Powerlines: He is running from something, something unfounded

He knows he did it, the police are approaching

They would be on his trail soon

He couldn’t let them touch him



Native in Pink: A band member journeys through her days before it is time for chemotherapy in this short poem.



Stacy’s Last Contact: A lady’s email diary of her adventures in the country town Carver Dan is explored. The full extent of the zombie-dragon Misery is exposed, and Carver Dan’s true purpose is showed. Follow-up to Carver Dan April 1st Disaster.




Irish Boys Can Walk: An Irish farmer discovers a little dragon growing in his garden. He does all he can to help the Dragon escape.




il cyborg divina :: The Cyborg Divine: The world is ending, the Dragons are taking over and Zzysra, a Cyborg made by Perch Tech, questions why she can’t live past her Undyear. ::This is the 39th ebook in The Society On Da Run series::




AnimeMETH: AnimeMETH, the first ever “true” anime-themed book to hit the Smashwords site, combines four anime flash stories accompanied by illustrations. Issue #42 in The Society On Da Run series.




The Love of an Italian Dragon: Dragons can be very romantic when they wish, especially when they have nothing left to do during the day besides strolling the piazza. The Love of an Italian Dragon is a book of flash stories that take a look into the lives of the Karrucci family, Italy’s most important dragons. Issue #40 in the Society On Da Run series. This book has been recently updated as of 4/6/12.


The Admiral’s Cicada: During an unexpected attack, General Connelly reminisces the days before his daughter died. In story #2, a young man and his dragon venture to the fabled Cicada tree where the bugs gather to sing in a chorus. Issue #41 in the acclaimed Society On Da Run series.


The Androids and the Dragons: Skyline awakens as the newest android to grace Perch Tech’s highly successful product line, but she can see beyond the lies and silver lining. She wishes to be with Macintosh, a timid android on the run from Al Micra, but both of them become tangled in a Dragon’s game of command and conquer.

UPDATE: It’s out now!

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