The Androids and the Dragons: Free for Review!

Cover of the US edition

Reviewers and readers, I have released the much anticipated book of April: The Androids and the Dragons: The OS Conspiracy. There is also a print edition in the works with Del Rey (okay, I’m lying about that part).When I’m done working on the print edition (and get confirmation from my Overseer) I’ll post a giveaway on Goodreads.


SYNOPSIS: Skyline awakens as the newest android to grace Perch Tech’s highly successful product line, but she can see beyond the lies and silver lining. She wishes to be with Macintosh, a timid android on the run from Al Micra, but both of them become tangled in a Dragon’s game of command and conquer. Issue 43 in The Society On Da Run bookazine series.


You can buy it for free from Smashwords and review it:



Provide a link to your review so I’ll know you reviewed it.



LINER NOTES (contains spoilers, do not read if you hate spoilers!): I wrote the first part when I was yearning to write an e-mail story. The first part was not meant to be expanded upon, but I wanted to shed some light on my space dragons so I made two more email stories, and then Tosh came into fruition. On the Written Word spruz site (where I met a lot of potential fans) I added Tosh’s story with the scientist, and the story blew up from there. Since I love computers so much, I decided to write a story about Androids running on popular operating systems. The wars between
Windows and Macintosh was the primary inspiration, and Linux is just waiting patiently for both of them to die. The story does not directly imply they are running on those OS, it’s only hinted at. Story (c) 2011 by Nipaporn Baldwin.

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