The Video Game Industry is Suffering?


CBS News says video game software sales are down 40% and that the vg software industry is suffering. Really? I haven’t noticed (no sarcasm intended). As an avid gamer, I’ve been reading various blogs and comments and I got the impression that the gaming industry was doing fine. CBS also said that gaming companies are being rivaled by social network gaming and iPad games.


I’ve played social network games and they quickly lose my interest, especially games like Dragons of Atlantis (which e
was extremely fun at first). I play games on my iPod and they don’t boast the sexy graphics that xbox and ps3 can sport (mainly because iPod can’t handle those graphics).

Maybe iPad is killing software games because you can take it with you everywhere? I know Mario Kart DS took most of my tine because I could take it everywhere. What I believe is really killing the gaming industry is the PRICE OF THE GAMES.

I know games are expensive for these companies to make, and that in the old days games were priced at $45, but I still believe it’s the prices that are killing the industry.

I hope all of it is not true and that CBS miscalculated. Over the years games have become a cinematic interactive experience. I play games for the STORY and gameplay. Resistance and it’s plethora of lore on the Chimera, Halo and it’s story about homicidal religious aliens, Fallout 3 and it’s expansive lifelike world, [PROTOTYPE] and it’s horrifying virus are the reasons why I play games. Sure, I could get the same stories in book or television form, but it would not be the same.

All in all, I have faith that the video game industry will rise from whatever fall it’s having.

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