Microsoft Surface: Can I Play Luna Games and Exe files?

I’ve recently heard about Microsoft Surface and I am getting the same excitement I had for the ExoPC (who remembers THAT tablet?). The question I have does not concern “is it better than iPad.” The question I have is this:

Can I run .exe files (specifically Luna Game 4 & 5) on Microsoft Surface?


If Surface allows .exe files, that means I can run almost any program on it. The specs haven’t been released yet and if Surface does not allow .exe files (like Luna Game 4) then I will not bother with it.

What is Luna Game, you ask? The Luna Games are a series of short Creepypasta games, and by short I mean “flash fiction” short. The games are fanmade and feature characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Hopefully Surface will allow us to run .exe files. I’d love to run Luna Game or some other .exe game, but the thing is I use my iPod for work more than I use my Netbook. Who knows. I might get the iPad simply because there are more games available for it. Only time will tell.

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