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I Wish iO9 Would Read My Space Dragons

The one website I truly adore does all sorts of things! One thing they haven’t done was blog about my space dragon poetry book. It’s not your usual dragon book, which is why the print book isn’t selling and the ebook is struggling. 400 people got it for free in the US, and that’s about […]

Stragglers Coming to IL in 2011

I’ve just read that 17 year cicadas are coming early…as stragglers (early emergers) セミ I want to know if this is true. I heard of it from a website that I entered when I was searching for Cicada season 2010 in Illinois. If they are truly coming back then this is my time to redeem […]

Songs to Listen to Before Bed

heh…:). This is my list of Japanese songs to listen to before bed. If you are looking for a song that suits you before bed…I suggest you read this list. Please Comment! THIS LIST IS OLD AND MY SENSE OF MUSIC HAS WIDENED. I now listen to ALI PROJECT’s classical songs before I go to […]

Cicada Love!

wheres your love for the cute Magicicadas? I love cicadas so much I wanted to take one home with me!