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ALI PROJECT – Les Papillons

Arika’s newest album has inspired my chapbook, Dragonworld. I will be reviewing both Queendom and Les Papillons when I get my hands on them. Here is the tracklist from LyricWiki: Strings album by Ali Project. 秘密の花薗 (Himitsu no Hanazono, The Secret Garden) 天体瑠璃星万華鏡 (Tentai Ruriboshi Mangekyou, Celestial Lazuline Planet Kaleidoscope) 胡蝶夢心中 (Kochou Yume Shinjuu, A […]

Romantic-and-or-nice Songs for Lovers Trying to Build a Sensual Mood

A bit unfinished, this is a list of songs in my collection that will help get lovers in the mood. I tested this on myself. Please comment and like.

Rekka Katakiri – Imashime no Ibara

No long version available. Imashime no Ibara is not released on any album/single. I obtained the lyrics by listening to the vocals. I am providing the lyrics for this. If there is anything wrong with the lyrics please say so. I will be adding a Rekka Katakiri folder at Anyway, I’m posting what others […]

Songs to Listen to Before Bed

heh…:). This is my list of Japanese songs to listen to before bed. If you are looking for a song that suits you before bed…I suggest you read this list. Please Comment! THIS LIST IS OLD AND MY SENSE OF MUSIC HAS WIDENED. I now listen to ALI PROJECT’s classical songs before I go to […]

Hakoniwa Note (kukui’s new album)

(If anyone has a download link to this album, please provide it to me) Hakoniwa Note, a new album by kukui. I never heard the songs but I would love to! There is nothing better than new songs from Kukui.