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Perfect Dark 2: Breaching Defect (fan-made chapbook)

One thing I would like to start working on is a (somewhat) Doujin story for Perfect Dark that will serve as a “rewrite” of the original story. I know this blog barley gets views, but I’m going to start serializing a Perfect Dark serial novel called “Perfect Dark 2: Breaching Defect.” This is not an […]

SubDrag’s Beta Skedar Level Information

I salvaged this from SubDrag’s Geocities site, which is still alive at Full link here: That was back in a time when websites were small, simple and clean. (*shakes hands* there’s nothing wrong with today’s websites though). The page is below: ————————————————————————————– Beta Skedar Ruins Actual beta screenshots Will this astound you? I think […]

Perfect Dark Unsolved Mysteries Part Three

I salvaged the last part of the Unsolved Mysteries section on before it completley disappears. I have emailed the site owner (Will) to keep the website open. If you care for this site, e-mail Will and tell him to save the site or move it to a free blog like WordPress:   . […]

Perfect Dark Unsolved Mysteries Part Two

I    salvaged most of the page, but some of the images were lost. Thankfully most of the images are from Kudrun, which is still alive. I had to do it! the original website, “yamo’s lair” has lost it’s domain. So, using the Wayback Machine, I retrieved the Perfect Dark Mysteries page before it was forever […]

Perfect Dark remake on XBox 360

Perfect Dark – How It Began

I Know Perfect Dark was rated M, but I played it anyways, but that was 3 years ago. I still love the game The Maians The Maians are the race of aliens that have come to be known on Earth as ‘Greys.’ They have been monitoring Earth for a long time – several centuries – […]