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Songs to Listen to Before Bed

heh…:). This is my list of Japanese songs to listen to before bed. If you are looking for a song that suits you before bed…I suggest you read this list. Please Comment! THIS LIST IS OLD AND MY SENSE OF MUSIC HAS WIDENED. I now listen to ALI PROJECT’s classical songs before I go to […]

Utsusemi no Kage (English Translation)

Light has…

Crystal Of Deception – A Short Barashishou Tale

Please Comment! ^ ^! And please read my other posts! This is my short Barashishou tale, This is what will happen if Barashishou had lost her creator

Utsusemi No Kage

My Version a month ago I translated this, I tied to translate what the background singers were saying here is my version: Hikari wo… Mamichi du hana no kawaodi hana ku sasa yuku Kui ta e sa dedu Owari no nai kokoro bi wa

Shinku Remake

this picture explains a lot, it’s a remake of Shinku sitting on a chair holding a doll, If you brought volume one of the English translation of rozen maiden, Shinku will be on the front cover, so this might be a remake.

Rozen Maiden Manga

a while ago I had gotten volumes 1-4 of Rozen Maiden, I am a bit confused, Suigintou’s medium still hasn’t appeared and it seems like each volume of the manga centers around one doll, such as volume one centered around Shinku, and volume 2 centered around Hina-Ichingo, hmmm…