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Dragons and Cicadas: Free again

Dragons and Cicadas is free on again:   Amazon UK:   I’ll be making an announcement about the book later today. Please buy it and spread it with everyone.

The Admiral’s Cicada and Other Releases

I’ve been really busy being dead. Just joking. I’ve been really busy with releasing new issues for TSODR. For those of you following Dino Macro, it’s safe to say the whole story has been uploaded to Smashwords. The cover for Androids and the Dragons kinda reminds me of

What I’ll Do During the End of the World

PV image by SwomSwom. Knowing the world is ending is refreshing, so here’s what I’m going to do: 12:00 AM: Genetically alter a bird to make a Dragon and keep is as a pet and friend. Ride on it for an hour and torch the city with it. 1:15 am: Pray with NyanCat 1:20 am: […]

Japanese Anime “Noir” to get American remake on Starz!

Google it. It’s true. What does this mean for anime fans? We’re finally being recognized. There’s been a recent explosion of anime lovers since 2006 and they keep coming out of nowhere, especially since the advent of Portal 2 (people like to draw the robots as anime characters), manga being recognized by publishers like Del […]

My Thoughts on Skyrim and it’s Age of Dragons

First Thought: Oooo, nice opening! Second Thought: Get on with it, where’s the Dragon? Third thought: Nice, I’m going to die today! Fourth Thought: HOLY SH*T A DRAGON! YESSSS!!!!

Print Edition of TSODR and Dragonworld ETC for 11.11.11 Day

This is reposted from the blog I made specifically for TSODR. ———————————————————————— So, I took down the chapbook from to rework it, and found out about the awfully strange 11.11.11 and 11.1.11 dates. Here I am thinking: chapbooks have more to tell than a Novel. So now, for once and for all, without taking […]

Ashuton Karrucci looks like this guy and name this actor

Ashuton Karrucci, the human-dragon-man with an obsession with butter pecan ice cream and his ethnic girlfriend, Narcissus, looks like the guy in the picture below. I saw the guy’s picture on Facebook, and that is ALMOST how I pictured Ashuton to look if he were real. Please, I must know this actor’s name, so if […]

My thoughts on losing the Fantasy Book Review short story competition

I entered the Fantasy Book Review’s short story competition using the story Skyline and Kate Com. It was well received and they said the use of poetry and e-mails was very original. I had high

New Forum for TSODR

Due to lack of comments on here and growing number of Downloads, I decided to make a forum for my beloved space dragon epic, The Society On Da Run. On this forum you can post stories in the universe of TSODR and you MIGHT get your stories published in a free edition issue. You can […]

thedragongod #1: Aisthick

ROADNASTY: INITIATED =====LOGIN====== USERNAME: thedragongod PASSWORD: ********** thedragongod: hello Boy: who the hell are you? what the hell is this? thedragongod: It’s your first time… ———————————————– I can’t help it They all felt “disposable” They wore the helmet and now here they are! Their minds are in the back of my mind I wonder what […]

Will Skyrim Deliver a New Age of Dragons?

After doing a bit of googling of the 11-11-11 day, I noticed a dragon game called Skyrim shares the same release date as my space dragon book. In Skyrim, you play as a Viking-guy (or girl) and must stop an evil massive god (disguised as a dragon) from destroying the world. Time for a picnic […]

Vote for RocketDogProxy

If you love your Space Dragons, if you love reading the strangest Dragon stories that no one has come up with, if you love my Dragons of Atlantis guide, if you support La Repubblica Draghi, then vote for me on the 2011 Blogger Awards! Vote for Star Point Mansion I heard of the Blogger Awards […]

The Dragon Reborn

Countdown to the Release of The Society On Da Run   wordpress sucks at custom formatting. I had to use lines to separate the “poem” from the “Dictionary definitions.” -_- ————————————————————————————————————————————   Space: a vast and timeless zone Dragons: an intelligent species, sentient and non sentient Crotonians: the alien race bent on war, and arch-nemesis […]

Exabyte Lande (canto 1)

The young mp3 player awoke at the touch of her master’s finger For a whole hour he played nothing but depressing music He must be contempt, she can feel it Seven Exabytes play the same depressing song * * * she stood up with thoughts coursing her weary head The floor beneath her was black […]

The Ending of Inception…

…the movie was a big, boring, confusing mess. Too many subplots going, a lot of different subdreams going, this movie should be called D I C T I O N A R Y. People that disagree on it’s boringness would think my IQ is low, or that I like action movies or cartoons. That is […]


walking up my chocolate arm with bulgy eyes looking abroad here, you lie, beautiful cicada that dies flapping your wings in an effort to escape with your claws scratching all you can no, I will hold you here Emitting your loud song in an effort to scare this human It will not work, you will […]

Dragons of Atlantis Newbie Walkthrough Strategy Guide (Updated 2/27/12)

This guide was written with haste, hence the spelling errors. This newbie quick-start guide is for people that play Dragons of Atlantis, and for members of the alliance I was in. Click the image for a guide to the building. UPDATED 2/27/12

The 800-Page Journey

I just finished my book and I’m not happy with it’s current condition. It’s cover looks sucky, it’s interior feels poorly made, and worst of all: it took me months of redesigning to get to where I am with it. So, I drew a new cover out of boredom and guess what:


For a whole month, I’ve created three fanon wikis for three series I care about: Resistance, Temeraire and Perfect Dark. Yeah, I know they look alike, but I’m not good at wiki coding. I started the Resistance Fanon wiki first, and it’s my best. It took me a whole day to code it, and I […]


sorry sorry I have not been on here like a responsible person. I’ve just read that people are having trouble subscribing to my rss. Please clarify the probles you have or make them clear so i can find out how to fix it. anyway, 6 months ago I stumbled upon Perry Rhodan and it has […]

Romantic-and-or-nice Songs for Lovers Trying to Build a Sensual Mood

A bit unfinished, this is a list of songs in my collection that will help get lovers in the mood. I tested this on myself. Please comment and like.

Resistance 3 & Battle: Los Angeles

Here are two reasons why I think Resistance 3 is coming with Battle: Los Angeles. 1. Battle: Los angeles is about US Marines fighting an alien invasion 2. Filming was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Wasn’t that place mentioned in Resistance 2 (Twice! in the ‘Twin Falls’ level and a cinematic of Capelli talking to Nathan […]

Code Geass: The Next Generation – Episode 1

Story Arc 1 – The Scandal of Suzaku Kururugi Episode 1 – The Scandal of Suzaku Kuruugi This is a slice of life story. the main ispiration was Meerkat Manor. The characters are not potrayed as Meerkats nor do any of the characters belong to me (except 3 or 4 original characters). Code Geass belongs […]

Late Reviews: The Ruins, WALL.E, Alien, Sleepy Hollow

People have been into the movie trend that is ‘Alien’. 3 movies in the series are good so far. Alien 3 is yet to be seen. Let’s start the reviews. Alien V.S. Predator 2 Hmmm….I liked it. It took place on earth. But its plotline could’ve been stretched a bit more. It was hard to […]

ALI PROJECT copies from…

Okay. In ALI PROJECT’s songs such as Ankoku Psychedelic and Gokuraru Ibarahime you can hear something in the music that is familiar. YES! They took samples from an artist whom has contributed music to Disney’s Stitch: Experement 626 PS2 game. Music from that game has been heard in various shows and movies. The level, Ring […]

Songs to Listen to Before Bed

heh…:). This is my list of Japanese songs to listen to before bed. If you are looking for a song that suits you before bed…I suggest you read this list. Please Comment! THIS LIST IS OLD AND MY SENSE OF MUSIC HAS WIDENED. I now listen to ALI PROJECT’s classical songs before I go to […]

Hakoniwa Note (kukui’s new album)

(If anyone has a download link to this album, please provide it to me) Hakoniwa Note, a new album by kukui. I never heard the songs but I would love to! There is nothing better than new songs from Kukui.

Pixie Pop Rules!?


Is haruhi suzumiya really going to be live at the stages? If they are, I wrote a little story about how they are going to get prepared for the show!