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Wikipedia will DELETE this entry for The Society On Da Run…help save it!

I made a Wikipedia entry for The Society On Da Run and I thought it wouldn’t be deleted, but as it turns out (like always on Wikipedia), it’s being debated for Speedy Deletion. I hate those debates. I’ve had my fair share of them. You can stop Wikipedia from deleting the article by getting well-know […]

My Thoughts on Skyrim and it’s Age of Dragons

First Thought: Oooo, nice opening! Second Thought: Get on with it, where’s the Dragon? Third thought: Nice, I’m going to die today! Fourth Thought: HOLY SH*T A DRAGON! YESSSS!!!!

Will Skyrim Deliver a New Age of Dragons?

After doing a bit of googling of the 11-11-11 day, I noticed a dragon game called Skyrim shares the same release date as my space dragon book. In Skyrim, you play as a Viking-guy (or girl) and must stop an evil massive god (disguised as a dragon) from destroying the world. Time for a picnic […]