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Sintel the Novel: Full (The Story of Sintel and Scales)

<strong>Prologue</strong> Young Sintel was born in a small cottage on the outskirts of Ishtop. There, the forest was always green, quiet, and unforgivable. Her mother named her Sintel, which was Ishtonian for Blind Cylinder. Her father kept dragons out back. He was<!–more–> a fair-looking man, but work was steadily working on his appearence, but still […]

The Dragon Reborn

Countdown to the Release of The Society On Da Run   wordpress sucks at custom formatting. I had to use lines to separate the “poem” from the “Dictionary definitions.” -_- ————————————————————————————————————————————   Space: a vast and timeless zone Dragons: an intelligent species, sentient and non sentient Crotonians: the alien race bent on war, and arch-nemesis […]


sorry sorry I have not been on here like a responsible person. I’ve just read that people are having trouble subscribing to my rss. Please clarify the probles you have or make them clear so i can find out how to fix it. anyway, 6 months ago I stumbled upon Perry Rhodan and it has […]