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The Video Game Industry is Suffering?

CBS News says video game software sales are down 40% and that the vg software industry is suffering. Really? I haven’t noticed (no sarcasm intended). As an avid gamer, I’ve been reading various blogs and comments and I got the impression that the gaming industry was doing fine. CBS also said that gaming companies are […]

Resistance 3 and Halo Reach: A Journey

Resistance Fall of Man was my first PS3 game and my first FPS that was not Perfect Dark. At the time Resistance was the sh**t! Well, for me it was. Then I fell into the world of Halo 2.

Resistance 3 & Battle: Los Angeles

Here are two reasons why I think Resistance 3 is coming with Battle: Los Angeles. 1. Battle: Los angeles is about US Marines fighting an alien invasion 2. Filming was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Wasn’t that place mentioned in Resistance 2 (Twice! in the ‘Twin Falls’ level and a cinematic of Capelli talking to Nathan […]