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A New Frontier in e-Publishing: Subscription Book

  We all love our serials? Right? But what about a novel or short story book published in serial stages? For example: Book one goes on sale with only one chapter, next week the book is updated with chapter 2, and so on, but it’s a BOOK, not a magazine. How is that possible? I’m […]

New Book-Novel/Short Story Blog

Every once in a while an idea strikes a man like a fish tank hitting a Shark. I had a grand moment. It was this: “Upload every individual story in The Society On Da Run and sell it on Kindle Blogs” It’s intuitive, it’s creative, it’s…it’s…magical. A few days ago I googled Short Story blog […]

Prototype Fanfic preview

This fic is 1 1/2 years old. My writing has greatly improved since then and I am no longer working on this fan fic. note: the girl is black. fan fic preview below: He wanted to know everything she knew, so he grabbed her by the neck and stood, ready to reap.