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Japanese Anime “Noir” to get American remake on Starz!

Google it. It’s true. What does this mean for anime fans? We’re finally being recognized. There’s been a recent explosion of anime lovers since 2006 and they keep coming out of nowhere, especially since the advent of Portal 2 (people like to draw the robots as anime characters), manga being recognized by publishers like Del […]

Why I like the New Winx Club (A Comparison and a Review)

At first I hated the new Winx Club. I’m a veteran Winx-fan, I’ve seen all the episodes in the series (except the Darkness Bloom saga), watched all the movies on YouTube, brought one of the toys, and I know all about the series’ lore. When I heard they were bringing it back I said, “I […]

FlashForward cancelled and V saved!? WTF?

This made me so f**ing angry. FlashForward gave me reason to look forward to watching ABC7. V was one of my least favorites and I’m sure it is nothing but fans of the original watching this, that is why it is still on. FlashForward is twice as good as V, in fact it is better. […]