Insomniac Games Announces New Project “The Society On Da Run” Game Adaptation

After the project was turned down by Bethesda (the folks that made the recent quick-selling hit Skyrim), Insomniac Games (the makers of the recent game Resistance 3 and Rachet and Clank: All 4 One) has decided to start a video game adaptation of the bestselling space dragon series, The Society On Da Run. What does this mean for dragon fans? It means that you’ll be getting yet another dragon game. In 2011 there was a recent pour of dragon games like Skyrim, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Dark Souls.
For those of you whom haven’t heard of TSODR, the series started out a few years ago and has developed ever since. It’s a strange short story periodical series and one of it’s most popular stories is about a girl giving birth to a Dragon, and the scientists that wish to experiment on it. I’ve read the first book and it isn’t as strong as the later books. For fans of the series, do you think the Dragons will be done correctly? Will they be the fearsome space faring creatures like they are portrayed in the chapbooks? Only time will tell. We just hope Insomniac gets started on that project and make it a bestseller! We’ll continually post updates on how the project is going if we can get any news about it.
Ad Astra
Insomniac Games Official Site:

TSODR at Smashwords:


  1. The Maestro · · Reply

    Hey, thanks for commenting on Blister Gaming. I agree with you, Resistance 3 was overshadowed. I like your mention of Insomniac Games. Looking forward to The Society On Da Run.

    1. Your welcome and thank you for your comment!

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